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map-marker Waterdown, Ontario

$5000 That I Will Never see Again

I know that the company no longer exists but in the five years since I procured the services of P.P., they have permanently left a bad taste in my mouth.

In 2011 I paid for the $5000 service from Gloria. I met two men who were a decade older than what I specified (I was only 31 at the time!) and the third threw a weird tantrum when I didn't answer his call and text immediately. Needless to say, a date never happened.

Shortly after that bizarre incident I put the service on hold because I met the man who is now my husband and wanted to see where the relationship would lead.

The contract expired and I never heard from Perfect Partners again. So they literally took $5000 from me for setting me up with three men who never would have made it past my personal threshold.

I'm inspired by Kristin's review and her blog for that matter. I have much to say so if you're interested, check out my full review on:

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Reason of review:
Bad quality
map-marker Waterdown, Ontario

Gloria and Perfect Partners are just Incompetent.

It was an awful experience. Such a waste of time and money.

My whole story is documented at - it's funny to read, but wasn't all that funny to live. Don't believe anything Gloria says - she doesn't actually care and certainly doesn't do any searching beyond her regular database unless you push her to the point of basically threatening to take her to court. I pestered her so much about her lack of promisted 'executive search' style that she eventually went on to to find me another match - as if I hadn't already tried that route!! Totally not acceptable.

At least I fought her hard enough to get some of my money back.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

You got it. She's no matchmaker.

For $5K she'll send you out with somebody. Anybody.

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map-marker Toronto, Ontario

She sets some friends to go out with woman. Gloria doesn't have dating business is all a scam

Gloria and her little perfect partners dating business is a only a scam! report your experience to the police where she can be brought to justice.

Many woman were taken speak up Toronto.

She promises the world to you and she waits until the time limit of the contract is over and she never delivers what she promises.

She told me that she doesn't do dating service anymore after I return from my trip so she can get me off her back easy.

What goes around my dear Gloria it comes around. You will be get cut by surprise one day.

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Reading the posting above, it strikes me that Gloria would normally deal with a much more sophisticated clientele. Maybe you just did not fit her standard.

Demetra Uav
map-marker Toronto, Ontario

Fleeced and still single

I met with Gloria in my home. We talked about my previous partners and she informed me that to find a man of my "caliber" would cost more than her normal fee of $5,000. She offers enhanced packages of $10,000 and more, however, to find my perfect partner she felt she needed $25,000. I am a very social person and love adventure and travel.

Shocked, I said I would try her "basic" $5,000 service and go from there. This involved a contract for a period of 2 years and guaranteed at least 6 meetings.

My first date was a lovely man, however the chemistry just wasn't there. Turns out, he answered an ad in the paper about a year ago for another client of Gloria's. Interestingly, he told me that his prior dates arranged by her were complete mismatches.

My second date had absolutely nothing in common with me. I relieved when our coffees were done and we said goodbye.

The third date was a lovely man, but again, nothing in common. He told me that he had answered an ad placed by Gloria for another client about a year prior. He figured "what the ***".

I started to despair, however it only takes one, so I pushed on. About 10 months had passed at this point.

The fourth date was such a mismatch, it was almost funny. We had nothing in common. It was a struggle to find something to talk about - he didn't even live in Toronto, and we shared absolutely no interests.

My fifth date was in January. He was truly a lovely person, however after informing Gloria that I would not like to meet someone under a certain height, and that I really was not attracted to a man who is skinny, my date was tiny and skinny. There were other very serious issues as well that made him most assuredly not a match for me.

Six months later, I called Gloria and said I haven't heard from you for six months, what is going on? She said my contract had run out, but she still owed me a date, so they would be in touch.

I'm pretty sure he was ***.

Save your money. Try Plenty of Fish and be selective. It's free.

Needless to say, I am not interested in upping my service with Gloria to a higher level.

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Yep she is horrible. I at least got some of my money back.

She actually went on to find me a match - not exactly the 'executive search' she promises. Certainly don't hire her if you don't live immediately in downtown Toronto because that's about as far as her database stretches!

My story is here:


It all comes back to you my darling gloria macdonald. seat tight... the universe works in a mysterious way.


YES! this is a scam!

Gloria took advantage of me also the same way but only delivered one man and it was just a set up to make me think it was real.

This is unreal how Gloria gets away and steals peoples money. This is a crime!


When she started asking for 25k, you should have laughed in her face and ran far away from her. I would not give any dating service even $5 to "find" someone for me.


There was a whole other long complaint string that has been taken down apparently. Make no mistake, this one single little complaint, is far far from reality.

Gloria is a pushy, holier-than-thou woman. She will talk down to you, unless of course you fork over $15K to $20K. But for almost $5K - she'll talk down to you and she will take your money and introduce you to someone - anyone. I guarantee you it will be no one you will be remotely interested in.

Keep your money.

Stay away. Tell your friends.


My own experience was very similar. The gentleman I was introduced to were not consistent with what I was promised.

If I rejected an introduction because of my concerns it was counted against the process because the professionals had chosen that person for me (and they know best). Waste of time and money.

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So now you've heard from three women for whom - for who knows what reasons - Gloria was unable to find a suitable match. Who you HAVEN'T heard from are any of the thousand-plus men and women for whom Gloria WAS able to find compatible matches, or the hundreds for whom Gloria's introductions became successful long-term relationships and marriages.

Or from the scores of little babies that have been the direct result of some of those marriages.

In my own case, I happily accepted seven introductions to women with whom, after a coffee or two, there was (by mutual agreement) "no spark" and then, on my eighth such date, met a lady who was nothing like any of my preconceived notions of "what I was looking for" ... and with whom I have now spent close to seven very happy years.

Others, I know, men and women alike, have had similarly satisfactory results.

What I notice in all three of these ladies' sorry tales is a certain attitude that suggests they see finding a mate like some sort of shopping trip: You have your list of requirements and then, if you don't get a perfect match, feel you have been cheated. Perhaps that's the reason they're single.

Absolutely no willingness to be open, to take chances, to acknowledge that finding a compatible companion is as much an art as it is a science. (I'd love to hear how Ghostie's Plenty of Fish experience has turned out.)

Gloria's - Perfect Partners' - record of success, built largely on word-of-mouth recommendations, speaks for itself.

(And no, I am not Gloria; simply someone who - as a result of the difference Perfect Partners has made to my life - has become a friend.)

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And I ask, how much did you pay for this service? I've asked this before and, ....

silence. No doubt you paid the exhorbitantly high price of many, many thousands of dollars more than the almost $5K I paid. I have no doubt that had I cashed in investments or mortgaged my house, Gloria would have put an effort into truly finding me a match, instead of snapping at me that I am to go out with whomever she tells me to. And, THOUSAND PLUS MEN AND WOMEN SHE FOUND MATCHES FOR???!!!

Really? That statement right there is evidence of a tale. Thousands? Does she have a life?

My goodness! What do you take us for? And as for the reason I am single, or many others are single, is strictly due to lifestyle and work requirements. I am not looking for perfect.

And, dear Scotchtaster, there are plenty more than three women who are complaining. There was an entire other complaint string that ran for many pages, including from those who have filed suit in our Courts against Gloria and/or Perfect Partners. Someone on her behalf was clearly successful in having it taken down. But make no mistake, there are plenty more than us three.

Enough that this forum was shedding some light on enough people looking to investigate her services prior to taking the pricey plunge. And I have no interest in the Global Information Network and Kevin Trudeau, which is the organization that Gloria is recruiting for, with Perfect Partners as her "cash cow".

I've said it before .... caveat emptor.

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Nicely said Gloria MacDonald! I don't buy this story for one penny.

You business is famous for stealing peoples dreams and money!

it will come back to hunt you one day.

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Let me guess... you work for Perfect Partners...

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