December 18, 2014
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December 17, 2016
  Lansing, Michigan

I was on the internet yesterday and a news item came up about XFINITY and COMCAST over charging customers an average of $50 dollars a month. This turns out to be billions of dollars that we the customers are getting ripped off. I know that they do not need to charge such high prices. I know there are many millions of customers so with just our account we figure that XFINITY?COMCAST owes us at least $1800. With the company being so huge they do... Read more

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We posted a review 5 months ago on the Cross Roads Cruiser 5th wheel. Now we are going to try and get the actual dealer to give us $10000 which is what we lost on the 2014 5th wheel because the floor did not meet the frame. The dealer is Gillette Interstate TV in East Lansing Michigan. The dealer did put 85 screws into the floor of the Cross Roads Cruiser 5th wheel to stabilize the floor. It did put a band aid on the 5th wheel. We were... Read more

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We purchased a 2014 Cross Roads Cruiser RV from Gillette Interstate RV in East Lansing MI. We tried dealing with Cross Roads RV trying to get the $8000 back that we had put into the, Cross Roads communicated with us but would do nothing except having Gillette Interstate RV put 86 screws into the floor so the floor would no longer be "SOFT". We were afraid to keep the 5th wheel and traded it back into Gillette Interstate RV. They only gave us... Read more

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My wife and I bought a 2014 Cross Roads Cruiser 5th wheel on January 29, 2014 and the frame did not meet the floor. So we had a soft floor through a great deal of the 5th wheel. It appears that the floor was just not wide enough to meet the frame or the frame was larger that what it was suppose to be. So Cross Roads RV decided to have the closet RV dealer that sells Cross Roads products look at the underside of the 5th wheel. The dealer... Read more

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In the past we bought or rather leased a car from what is suppose to be the biggest GM dealer in mid Michigan. We had originally gone into the used car lot to find a used Ford Escape. We never found one. The young salesman had us looking at other vehicles and we wound up with a Chevy Blazer that was a little more than we wanted. Anyway we wound up leasing this big Blazer for $428 a month and it was not what we really wanted. When I called... Read more

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Bought a 2014 Cross Roads Cruiser Aire on January 28 2014 from Gillette Insterstate RV. Did not get the unit until May 0f 2014. Problems popped up shortly after we started using the 5th wheel. A great deal of squeaking and squishy feeling in the floor. CrossRoads RV is blaming it on the company that made the frame. The dealer is still waiting for "parts" and it is almost the end of December in 2014. None of the problems are covered under a... Read more

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