March 27, 2008
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November 26, 2009

demartini rv in grass valley is a huge scammer. after having difficulties with my new motorhome that i purchased from them they decided that they didn't want to take care of servicing it anymore or take care of the warranty issues. furthermore, when they removed parts off my new car to install the toy hitch they did not give them back to trying to get them to take care of it i lost steam and finally gave up. as a cancer patient i... Read more

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i purchased a motor home from demartini rv...they have got the worst customer service i have experienced from any dealership i have been to... when they do not want to take responsibility for a motorhome they have sold, they simply deny working on it. then, they blame the customer for whatever they can, with me, it was to tell me that i was rude...which isn't true...but frustrated definately. so, buyer beware, if you go to this place to buy... Read more

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