I recently had 113 unauthorized paypal transactions and my account was overdrawn for over $10000 due to paypal fraud. The only thing that goes through my paypal account on a monthly basis is Netflix payment. When I contacted paypal, they were not helpful at all and...
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I bought some stuff from the company Openvcc, but it was real scam. They took money and provided some fake info and promises, but after that I haven’t heard from them. All my emails were returned back, ‘coz the email address was total fake. They are liars and scammers,...
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I have been having nothing but problems with Pay Pal for over a year!! It started last year when a Pay Pal Service Representative deleted my account without my permission!!! I had a Pay Pal Smart Connect account attached to this email account, When I called and...
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Mare G.1990

Ebay/Paypal is a website that I started selling and buying on in 2000. Paypal played games and I even had my account hacked twice.I stopped selling on Ebay many years ago.