November 26, 2012
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November 26, 2012

Victor Whiteman is a legend in the Michigan State University School of Social Work. His hard work keeps him below the radar screen, but the products of his efforts bring him acclaim. I especially recommend him for Social Welfare Policy and Services. This is an important area of social work that Victor Whiteman makes come to life in the classroom. Victor Whiteman's class has panache, substance, and a connectivity that is unrivaled in its... Read more

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Shinaz Jindani is an arrogant little twit, an unethical woman, and a terrible professor. She is completely into herself. She uses classroom lectures as a vehicle for bragging about her own life achievements. She informs everyone that she outscored hundreds of thousands of people on a college entrance exam in India. Her self-love spills over into a genuine disrespect for others. She can be rude to students and her grading is unethical, which she... Read more

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Outspoken, offensive, and rude - Timothy Stocks is a little boy stuck in an adult body. He is a childish and immature man who offends others with his remarks. Either he doesn't know how his words impact others or he doesn't care - but Timothy Stocks never fails to leave some people feeling insulted and others confused as to what he is trying to accomplish or the point he is trying to make. He behavior can catch you off guard because he... Read more

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The Michigan State University School of Social Work gained a bad reputation from people like John Herrick. John Herrick is the Associate Director of a program in which administrators have a self-serving agenda which they promote at all costs. Similar to a big city restaurant that operates illegal activities in the back, the School of Social Work has an agenda far different from their stated goals, objectives, and purpose. They present an image... Read more

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