March 30, 2010
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February 25, 2017

I was injured all the way back in 1997. I was working at group homes for the STATE OF CT. This ended up being part of a strategic scheme by now-in-jail, Governor Rowland, He mandated supervisors to "run us out" instead of laying people off. (See Sebac Vs Rowland) I... Read more

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This airline is the absolute worst when it comes to accommodating people in wheel chairs! I decided to pay the extra money for PRIORITY FIRST CLASS. I called in FEBRUARY 2016 for JUNE 1, 2016 flight returning on June 30th. The way down was fine. The return, I have 12... Read more

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Once upon a time, during 1995-2004, CT. WC commissioners ensured that the laws were enforced, and they never showed favoritism, to either claimant or insurance company. I had a back surgery in 1998, after several incidents with clients in group homes, and lifting those... Read more

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When you make an online purchase through NORM THOMPSON, at the end, a pop up box comes up, stating: "Click if you want to receive 15% off your next order of $50.00 or more"...PERIOD! Nothing else is there. About a week later, after my 84 year old mom received her... Read more

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My OBGYN called in a new medication for me. When I went to pick it up, the clerk said: "I left a message on your home phone. The medication is out of stock, and it will not be in until Monday after noon." The, CINDY, at the CVS on NORTH MAIN STREET, in MANCHESTER, CT.,... Read more

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After denying getting my return back, which I had "delivery confirmation" of, I was contacted by a corporate liar for the store. She emailed me and Cc'd a copy to others up the ladder promising my VISA was credited and they were sending me some VIP coupons so as... Read more

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I bought (2) pairs of boots. I returned (1) pair that were too big. I used the USPS Post Office and paid for "delivery confirmation". 19 days later, I emailed the customer service through an email they sent to me. They insist the boots have not been delivered even... Read more

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