I sold my iphone 6 (Space Gray Verizon) to Kobixa on 3/13/2017. Kobixa promised to send me a $216.00 trade value for a Good Condition phone. I have an ORDER number and Receipt from them via email. I confirmed that the USPS delivered my phone to them on 3/18/2017. When...
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Sonny Lopez



I contacted Better Business Bureau and they attempted to contact Kobixa. Kobixa did not respond to BBB. Is there an attorney here who wants to help us redeem our phones or...

I didn't like
  • Have stolen my iphone and not pay me
Because of their billing system, and the inability to use a back up form of payment that I uploaded, they literally deleted my website and all of its content over 3 years, for the non-payment of $9 from my monthly fee. No phone call, no letter, no nothing excepts...
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I liked
  • Prices
I didn't like
  • Deleting my website of 3 years