March 21, 2012
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December 21, 2016

I called and cancelled my order of Nioxin scalp system 6 on December 9. They said they would re-route the truck it was being delivered on back to the warehouse and they would give me my refund when the item is scanned back into the warehouse. On December 14, I called inquiring about my refund and the customer service rep I spoke to said my item has been returned to the warehouse and I should see my refund post to my bank account within the next... Read more

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I miss my Walmart. I have never had a bone to pick with Walmart except for the occasional rude customer service. I think that is the heart of the problem. I do have a heart and I use my heart. Walmart could use a some changes yes. It could start from the top down to the bottom. Better management, better employees, better prices. Don't raise prices just to run small businesses out and then raise your prices again. That isn't good business.... Read more

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He was a co-manager at Walmart Supercenter #100 406 S Walton Blvd in Bentonville, Arkansas. He treated me really bad. Picked on me, forced me to work where I wasn't comfortable working, and tried to get rid of me. I know why too... it was because I am ***. There are plenty of managers like this working all over Wal Mart. Evil men who put money and their own interests ahead of everyone else and treats people unfairly. Not to mention discriminate.... Read more

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I don't think I did a good enough parody of you folks when I was doing that. I must let you know as a former Walmart worker, we do not price match every item. We are not under any obligation to price match any item just like we are under no obligation to serve you. Quite frankly, when I worked for Walmart there were a number of customers that I wished they had just kicked out. You know, the white trash welfare cheat with 5 kids who tries to scam... Read more

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After reading quite a few Walmart complaints from customers on this site, I think it is time for the employees to have their turn. I am writing this anonymously for obvious work related reasons. Now while I agree that there are some legitimate complaints about Walmart on this site, there are also plenty of BS posts from the type of customers that I am trying to address in this post. Those hard to please a-holes who come in expecting us to fly... Read more

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"There is only one boss. The Customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money elsewhere." You folks need to remember that everyday because it seems too many of you have forgot. The customer is your real boss. We are the reason you have a job and you earn a paycheck to support yourself and your family(if you have one). I am saying this to all hourly and managerial employees at every... Read more

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I live in Springdale, Arkansas where Tyson Foods is located. Today I was on one of the regular busy roads in Springdale and got behind one of the Tyson slaughterhouse trucks. It was a busy thoroughfare on friday afternoon and this trucks was driving very slow in the right hand lane. I was turning right and there was no more room to pass him before I had to turn. I got stopped at the stoplight at Elm Springs Road and 40th street where I was... Read more

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There are a number of grocery stores in my town(including gourmet stores with the reputation of being very expensive)where I can get much of the same stuff I can get at Walmart for much less. Walmart is only cheap when they first move into town. After they run out the competition they just jack up their prices to expensive levels. People are just brainwashed into thinking they can get stuff for cheap at Walmart. Walmart was good in Sam Walton's... Read more

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I tried to put a $20 bill through the self checkout a minute ago and it didn't go through. I had to flag down a cashier(whom I hate talking to)to fix it. Not to mention these *** Mexicans got behind me and were growing impatient. I am so sick of these dumb beaners running Walmart. Everytime I go into any Walmart anymore I feel like I am in some third world country. I am sick and tired of it. Walmart needs to get their machines fixed. I am... Read more

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It seems about everytime I try to buy a drink out of the machines in front of the stores(any store)something goes wrong. The machine eats my dollar without giving me my drink causing me to have to go all the way back in to customer service to get my money back or the machine won't accept change or the machine isn't even on or the machine gives me the wrong drink because the incompetent jackasses at Walmart can't read. This is so frustrating when... Read more

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