February 12, 2011
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January 3, 2018

Copperpoint Golf Resort and Hotel, Invermere, B.C. I booked a (hoped for) a romantic stay over with my wife in May and will NEVER GO BACK! The hotel has not been maintained since it was built cheaply and the room had broken cabinets and leaky plumbing. We heard loud,... Read more

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My wife and i rented an RV from this business in March. The billing agreement was very unclear as to what they would put on my Visa! When we took the vehicle back, there was about $500 extra billing charged to us - which we did not find clearly stated in agreement.... Read more

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I recently stayed here with my wife for a 'romanic weekend'. It was a total waste of our time and money !! The room which was advertised as one of their 'better quality' ones was such a disappointment, we were ready to call the BBB that night! It was run-down, not... Read more

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I have used Godaddy web hosting and domain registration for a while now. I write this as a Warning to consumers. The Godaddy web hosting service is corrupt and they abuse customers Visa Accounts daily. I have been charged for services i Never signed up for and did not... Read more

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I stayed at this so called 'high end' hotel a number of weeks ago and strongly recommend to anyone, book elsewhere. The rooms are dated and smell of stale cigarettes still. Carpet dirty and old. The plumbing in our room was so old and outdated, the toilet actually took... Read more

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I have been a consumer at this Calgary Canadian Tire location for a number of years as it's convenient to where i lived. There have been numerous times though that i have left the store and gotten home to find that the cashier had charged me for an item 2 or even 3x... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 0 I stayed here 2 weeks ago while on business in the L.A. area. It claims to be a 4 star property. Don't be fooled - the place has had a cheap American 'facelift' with very tacky decor covering up old structure and bad plumbing issues.... Read more

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We hired this so-called handyman last winter and i certainly use that title 'handyman' loosley. He was hired to do interior drywall repair, painting some plumbing fixes in our home reno project. His work was sloppy, he damaged walls, doors and left empty beer bottles... Read more

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I recently rented a vehicle from Budget Car rentals out of the Palm Springs Airport. The vehicle was booked for a 10 day rental. It was reserved for me to return the car to the Los Angeles airport at the end of my 10 days. As this was an important business trip, I... Read more

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I recently went to Minit Lube Crowfoot for a very simple oil change. After waiting in their line up for over an hour, the fellow who was supposed to be doing a relatively straight forward oil change loudly yelled at me to pull my car into the service bay. He was very... Read more

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