April 20, 2009
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September 19, 2010

Paid shipping ($7.49) for a small lapel pin which could have easily been put in a padded envelope. Have been tracking the package only to find that my package was dropped off at the POST OFFICE. I paid to have FedEx hand deliver the package to my daughter not the UNITED STATES POST OFFICE! Why should this package NOT be delivered by FedEx? As for me, FedEx has delivered my packages to wrong addresses, been late and to make it even worse.....I... Read more

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After having DirecTV for 5 years, the receiver went bad and they sent us a new one, free of charge according to their Representative. We inserted the new card and all was well for another 9 months. Well, their rates began going up and we decided to cancel their service. Mind you, we'd had DirecTV nearly 6 years by now, but when cancelling the account, they stated we'd only had the account for a few months, not for the term of the 'contract!' ... Read more

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The plan sounded good, so signed up. With the economy getting worse, my hours were cut and I cannot afford the monthly payment. Have called Ameriplan twice and sent emails but can't get the membership cancelled. Apparently they need a hand-written letter sent via USPS to do this. They have the technology to make sure they get their monthly automatic withdrawals but can't cancel a membership. They are idiots! Too, haven't spoken to anyone who... Read more

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