April 20, 2009
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September 19, 2010

Paid shipping ($7.49) for a small lapel pin which could have easily been put in a padded envelope. Have been tracking the package only to find that my package was dropped off at the POST OFFICE. I paid to have FedEx hand deliver the package to my daughter not the... Read more

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After having DirecTV for 5 years, the receiver went bad and they sent us a new one, free of charge according to their Representative. We inserted the new card and all was well for another 9 months. Well, their rates began going up and we decided to cancel their... Read more

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The plan sounded good, so signed up. With the economy getting worse, my hours were cut and I cannot afford the monthly payment. Have called Ameriplan twice and sent emails but can't get the membership cancelled. Apparently they need a hand-written letter sent via... Read more

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