September 5, 2008
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August 18, 2011

While visiting friends in Canada I visited one of your restaurants. There was a item in the dessert menu which said mile high mud pie. It was priced at $6.99, I thought this was a good price for something that is 5280 feet, boy was I wrong. When the waitress gave me my... Read more

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I was the first playing Guitar hero which you had on display for us to play. I was playing for a while. Like half an hour when this little weeny six year old boy wanted to play. He got his sister who is ten and in my school. She wanted her brother to have a turn. I... Read more

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Hi a while back I got kicked out of your store for fighting what I thought was a thief butis now my friend. However yesterday I got pissed off at this kid in school I can't fight him at school because I will get suspended. So I fought him in your store because... Read more

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Okay so I use pissedconsumer.com and there is this other user on the site. He goes to my school, his username here is zachary1998. We were in your store and I bought Pokemon cards from your store. I lost them but I did not I think Zachary1998 stole them because he is a... Read more

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I play neopets and they have this game called KeyQuest. You are supposed to collect tokens. You sell the plushies in your store where you collect tokens. People are stealing the bar codes because they cost $8. They don't want the plushie, they want the token for... Read more

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After seeing a Burger King complaint I would like to make one myself. I also went to Burger King for the neopets toys. I told them I wanted a Blue Grundo. You know what that *** behind the counter did she gave me a blue Bruce. Atleast she knows her colors but she does... Read more

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