February 3, 2017
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February 23, 2017

I had 7 online orders shipped to the Zumiez store located at Queens Center Mall, NY 11373. I picked up 4 of them one day and could not carry the rest but the associate told me I could leave them and get them another day and I trusted them which was a huge mistake. I went a few days later only to find out that the rest of my orders were lost. I hear them speak secretly to each other about how one employee bought some of my items and the other... Read more

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I recently called to find out if I could get a price adjustment on a denim jacket by Levi's. The jacket is listed as $69.99 on and the same jacket is selling for more than 50% off at the official website. I called and talk to a representative only to find out that is not covered in their price adjustment policy. How can that be its the official validated website. How does that make sense c'mon get with the... Read more

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I placed an order online for three jackets. I find out later on in the same day that they are running a online coupon for 30% off the whole order if 3 items or more are purchased. So I emailed Levi's and received a price adjustment by them applying the coupon. Now the problem is when I first placed the order I had received free shipping because my order was for more than $100 but now that they applied the coupon I lost it. I email them again... Read more

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