June 2, 2016
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January 15, 2017

I ordered a pizza for $17.99 plus wings - with the delivery charge it came to $23.00 plus a $5.00 tip - so $28.00 investment. What a waste of money. The pizza was terrible - it wasn't hot, it was dried out and overcooked -looked like they burned it in the oven and... Read more

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i enjoy Lasership because they ship fast they have the lowest prices and they are the best i am tired of the false reviews from competitors like fedex usps and ups because they dont like that Lasership ships faster then fedex usps or ups lasership also has great... Read more

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My elderly father purchased direcTV through Centurylink.When Centurylink pushed him to switch to Prism they said it would be free and then charged a huge 568$ installation fee. Then, rather than canceling the account as requested in writing I have copy of the order.... Read more

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I bought products from this company however the products claim to be silk however i am a chemist and i tested the product and its made out of polyester not silk thats how this company is able to sell products for so cheap compared to other companies that use real silk... Read more

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I cannot even begin to describe the very upsetting and disturbing event that happened to me recently where USAA customer service literally showed zero concern for the well-being of my family or me. I've been a USAA member for about ten plus years. Today a check posted... Read more

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i am a landlord of 2 apartments that had time warner cable witch was the best service for tv and internet however charter bought out time warner cable and now our service is so terrible we are switching to dish network for tv and to hughesnet for internet the problems... Read more

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Hello i have bean a Directv customer since July of 2015 however you got rid of Channel 8 ABC WMTW however its my favorite local news channel so thanks to the decision to get rid of a channel i enjoy i will pay the early termination fee and switch to dish network witch... Read more

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i bought through this company because there website claims there were seen on Ellen, USA Today, Today, Live, Kelly and Michael, Parade, The Insider, people and a new york magazine and a las angels tv station 5 klta however when my 20 year old son got the hoverboard for... Read more

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i went to Alamo rental car in california i rented a Mid sized car i was expecting a Toyota Camry or similar with a Automatic Transmission but they gave me a Hyundai Elantra with Automatic Transmission they claim its mid sized but i went to wikipedia and it say its... Read more

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I had a 3 month old Iphone 5C 32gb that I wanted to sell in brand new condition. On or around 10/1/14, I found a website cashforiphones. I entered very specific information about my phone and got a quote for $265.00 that I screen printed for proof of the quote. I... Read more

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