November 14, 2012
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August 30, 2016

I got my deaf Great Dane puppy microchipped through our local Humane Society with their 24 Pet Watch chip for their one time "lifetime" registration fee. When I went online to edit my address information, I discovered they charge $19/year or $40 for another supposed "lifetime" maintenance fee if you want to make any changes! I won't pay, because, for one thing, it's rewarding their deceit, and also, what if they decide to tack on another fee in... Read more

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I had a bad experience at One2One Training Centers in Sugar Land, a suburb outside of Houston. One of the owners of the gym, Violet, suckered me into paying for a bunch of personal training sessions up front so I could get a discount on each session. Everything was fine at first, although she wasn't an attentive trainer. She didn't go over my diet at all, and she discouraged me unnecessarily from running, the exercise I love the most, because... Read more

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