Silverleaf Resorts - More Charges - More Fees -
BUYERS BEWARE !!! LOOK AT ALL FEEDBACK BEFORE BUYIN!!! EVERYONE HAS SAME COMPLAINT. #SILVERLEAFRESORTS #SILVERLEAF #HOLIDAYINNCLUB #HOLIDAYINN on December 4th I received a letter -- basically we will charge you per every night you stay $25.00 per night Sunday through...
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PLEASE HELP by filing a 2 minute complaint with attorney general in Texas .. that is the main Base of Silverleaf .. here is the link ... also SHARE on FB and Twitter and Socia...


Back in the Mid 1980' Silverleaf refused to honor the endless escape. They were sued by timeshare owners and lost the case. the courts ruled in favor of the timeshare owners. ...

I didn't like
  • Maintenance fee
  • Per night rate increase 25 weeday
  • Per night 75 weekend