September 24, 2011
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March 29, 2013

Time Warner Cable claims that I have an "unreturned modem", even after I provided receipts for all returned equipment. They claim their records don't match, but refuse to take responsibility for their messed up records. I have been trying to resolve this issue immediately after receiving a statement which should that I owed for a "Unreturned Modem" in August 2012 after numerous complaints, I received two separate emails indicating I would be... Read more

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This company misleads consumers. You only have three days to get a refund and the site seemed to work fine the first week, but now I get the worst possible matches. It spent a great deal of time setting this up and it really does not seem to work properly. I can only view matches and I cannot receive messages from these matches. What use is this site? I can see matches for free on lots of sites. It seems to get harder and harder to navigate. I... Read more

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