January 22, 2017
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March 22, 2017

I know this isn't just Arvest Bank but I still need to vent. I got a false charge that I never did from some unknown place that read on my statement as PP Daphneycafe Ocean (I don't know if that is code for something or not?) for $83.59. The people at the bank said... Read more

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1375 Market Square Dr, Springdale, Arkansas again. Went in for just a few things (as usual). Was in an unusually good mood right before. CSM standing out in the middle of the front watching everything as usual. Had to get a few drinks. Went into the drink aisle and one... Read more

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Went into your Elm Springs road location in Springdale, Arkansas and purchased one of your Marketside Salad Bacon Caesar packs. Despite the freshness date expiring on March 22, the lettuce looked a bit brown and not fresh. Since this was a Salad pack shipped in already... Read more

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Went in today to this location just to get a few things. Most of the things that I needed were drinks from the coolers and impulse snacks available up front. CSM girl in yellow vest just standing there watching me the whole time as I was trying to shop. Couldn't... Read more

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I have some of these experiences everyday but it seems today was especially bad. Go into Walmart today at Marketplace Neighborhood market in Springdale, AR and as usual everybody gawks at me and won't let me shop in peace. I just go in there to get my things and leave.... Read more

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