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Three calls, two lies and one radio still working

Sirius Xm Radio #1205242
You sound like an irrational customer to me. You started out fine, and they canceled your service and gave you a refund. What difference does it make if it's still possible to turn your radio on and listen to Sirius XM for free? Just don't listen to it, you're already not paying for it.
The amount of rage you expressed is completely out of line and you sound like you were spoiling for a fight and no matter what they did, it wouldn't have been enough.
Sirius seems to be a good service although too pricey for me.
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Firestone 201 W Rio Grande, Victoria TX 77901

Firestone Complete Auto Care #1205238
From your complaint I can't tell whether you discussed the expected service and prices with the company before you took it in or not.
Instead of taking your car in for a 'tuneup' first ask what they will be doing in this tuneup and what the total price will be.
In these modern days of high mileage cars that seem to last forever, it is easy to neglect recommended service intervals such as spark plug replacement. If you put it off too long, then spark plugs can rust onto the engine block and become extremely problematic and expensive to remove and replace, so it might not have anything to do with training, but rather with how well this car has been taken care of prior to bringing it in.
You also mention 'Cooling System Pressure Test' and then complain about the air conditioning being tested. The Cooling System has nothing to do with air conditioning, but rather the system to cool your engine. You really would want this to be tested during a tune-up.
I doubt they did anything to test the air conditioning, and if you have AC problems in the near future, you will be made to feel like an *** if you complain about it being done previously during the tune-up.
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FedEx - Documents lost!

Fedex #1205228
I'm so sorry that you have had this problem.
Fedex is not the way to go for pricey items as they will not allow for very much insurance, and if you call an item an antique, no insurance at all.
With UPS or the USPS, you can insure for any value, but if a claim is to be made, you must be able to document the value.... an appraisal will not do it, you need to provide a receipt showing what you paid for it, or what the person you sold it to paid you. Plus you must package safely or it may invalidate the insurance.
Insurance is the most reliable with the USPS, and for this reason, I no longer use UPS for pricey items.
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Cspire - Cell Phone Case Review from Jackson, Mississippi

Cspire #1205225
I bought my iPhone several years ago. I did NOT buy insurance as such. Instead, I bought an Otter case for about $35 or so. A couple years later and the case was getting worn out, so I bought a replacement case.
I have been in the rain. I have dropped my phone many times.
My phone still looks and operates like new.
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Lots of People upset They did not get something for nothing

All You Can Books #1205221
Some book clubs/record clubs etc. make it very easy to sign up, and one of the selling points is how easy it is to cancel service at any time.
My advice is to go through the motions to cancel service before actually buying such a product. Some outfits are great at covering the sales phones, but if you try the help desk or try to cancel service you have to wait for hours before getting a response, if ever.
So, test them out and see how hard it would be to cancel a plan. Make your purchase decision accordingly.
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Superjeweler - Diamond Ring Review from Middletown Township, New Jersey

Superjeweler #1205213
From your complaint, I'm not certain what the problem was originally and what it is now.
I DO see that the three stones are different colors. Is THAT the issue?
I can't help but wonder why people would spend serious money for such a personal item online rather than go to a local jeweler where they can see, touch, and try on such things before making the purchase.
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Do NOT Shop at Camping World

Camping World #1205210
This is why you NEVER buy anything like this, even new, until everything has been tested to your satisfaction and repairs have been made to your satisfaction. If they can't demonstrate something like these people said, it is time to walk away.
Same goes for buying a used car.
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Extremely slow internet speed and the internet keeps going completely down

Att #1205208
You haven't mentioned whether you have had your PC checked out. It could be filled with bloatware, malware, viruses, or even with windows upgrades that are slowing down your PC's speed.
Have your PC tested. OR borrow another's PC that works well and see if you can get good internet speed with THAT PC before blaming this on ATT.
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Ikea #1205207
No company in the history of the world ever compensates customers for the loss of their time, even when the problem was caused by the company.
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Ace cash services

Ace Cash Express #1204829
This sounds suspiciously like a huge scam in which they send out thousands of such emails hoping to snag a few hits from which they make their money.
But if it's a 'legit' claim and they have the signed contract as they claim, demand to see their documentation. I say this is a BS claim. I mean, really, after penalty, interest and attorney charges the dollar amount of this claim is a mere $1050?
Now, it's possible that someone else, who knows your email address and bank info, or a scammer who got it, borrowed money under your name from these folks. But either way, have them provide you with a hard copy of this supposed contract. I don't think you have much to worry about.
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It Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo #1204809
I have downloaded the new Messenger. I am NOT a fan. AT ALL!
Once old messenger goes away I don't know what I'll be doing. It won't be this new *** though. Facebook has a chat thingy, but I don't like being logged into Facebook that much. I suppose I'll be reduced to texting, which I basically hate. Nobody else seems to have a viable alternative, so maybe I'll just go underground and start sending postcards and letters once again.