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Western Silver: Worst Customer Care

I am a wholesale/reseller of Silver Goblets based out of Lexington S.C. and I by far had the worse experience with Western Silver I ever had of any retail silver site. I spoke directly with the owner regarding an order I wish to place and additionally had a question regarding another type of Goblet that I had seen. The owner told me he "did not answer questions for free" and promptly hung up on me. I called the owner back and explained why I had called and that I was interested in gaining their business and was interested in several of their products. Again, the owner was quite rude and told me that he did not answers questions and said that "all his prices were on his website.' If you ever had similar experiences with this company please write to this post and maybe they can gain some common sense and learn how to treat people! Unfortunately, they just pissed off the Goblet King! If you ever need any assistance or have questions feel free to check out our site or email me at jhowers@***.com. I promise we unlike our Western Silver will treat you right!
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Did i mention my website at all in this write up. No, as for your opionion well thats fine.

But seriously a review from more than two years ago.

That hilarious. Have fun trolling other people


You used a complaints forum to solicit sales for silver goblets? That's just sad.

I love how people make statements like, "I was interested in gaining their business and was interested in several of their products".

Does anyone really talk like that? You must be a real ***.

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