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Rc Willey Home Furnishings - Terribly disappointed

Let me start by saying, I hate leaving bad reviews. But I’ve had nothing but poor service since I started working with RC Willey a few weeks ago. First off, my husband and I needed a new couch and dining room table, so I financed $300 of our new furniture through RC Willey, and my mother-in-law paid for the remaining $300 as a gift for us. That part was simple. The day after we ordered, however, I get two phone calls from RC Willey which I wasn’t able to answer, so they called my WORK number, and started harassing my boss. They said she was my mother-in-law, and when she stressed that she was not, they told her she was lying and couldn’t talk to anybody but my mother- in-law. My boss called me - obviously furious. So, I then called my mother-in-law and had her call RC Willey. The man on the phone said that since she had purchased the second half of the furniture with her card, they needed to make sure I hadn’t stolen her information! I financed HALF of the order myself and they accused me of stealing her information!! THEN they said they wouldn’t deliver my order to me!!! That my mother-in-law had to be there. WHY!! It’s MY financing, she was just gifting us the second half! I was FURIOUS! Apparently financing furniture with RC Willey means they act like you pay for nothing, call you at work, and treat you like garbage. Next, i’m upset, so I contact them via their website to leave feedback. To which nobody ever responded. EVER. Finally, i’ve been waiting over a week for my couch to be delivered and it will be here tomorrow. I was told I wouldn’t know the delivery time until 7pm the NIGHT BEFORE the furniture is supposed to be here. So, basically, my husband or myself have to get the whole damn day off of work since we have NO IDEA when the furniture will be here. Really? 7pm the NIGHT BEFORE? Bottom line, never order anything online from RC Willey. And if you finance anything with them; they’ll treat you like garbage. And, also, prepare to take an entire day off of work since you won’t know what your delivery time is until right before you go to bed. And if you have feedback, and it’s negative, they won’t respond anyways. Good luck.
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WakefulOstrich112, I'm sorry about the issue with your furniture. I would be happy to follow up on your complaint but would need more information to do so.

Can you provide the name and phone number on the order, or even the order number or account number itself? Anything you can provide will help.

Please send me an email to my email address listed below. RC Willey Corporate Offices


The third paragraph is very poorly written. The term "gifting" isn't specific enough to justify the complaint.

In addition the pronouns (they, her, she) are badly used making complaint nonsensical. This doesn't mean there isn't the bases for a complaint, only that it's difficult (at best) to decipher. It actually sounds as if the merchant is concerned about the validity of using a credit card which doesn't belong to the customer. This makes sense, as the merchant agreement requires that the owner of the card properly signs for the charge.

The merchant may have wanted to validate the charge at the time of delivery, which is why they insisted the mother-in-law be present during the delivery. This would protect the merchant as well as the mother-in-law. Also, I'm not aware of any company that is specific about service call times on the day that something is going to be delivered or work is to be performed. Assuming one doesn't work 24/7, it's helpful to schedule on a day that one is not at work.

Ultimately, it reads as if this complaint is being written prior to delivery. If one wasn't happy with the service or goods being provided, why wouldn't one just cancel the purchase and buy somewhere else?

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