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The Celebrity Experience

The Celebrity Experience
This is my take on TCE and Adrian R'Mante. Starting off I am a mom and when my daughter heard about this she went nuts she knew who he was and wanted to go. Of course I supported my daughters dreams and let me tell you it was one of the BEST things I ever did. Adrian and his group are amazing people who truly care about your kids and their future. What bugs me about some reviews Ive seen is always the same " you should never pay for an audition" and " you should never pay if you want to be an actor" ... I mean are you kidding me ? You mean to tell me that in "reality" all you have to say is you want to be an actor and it magically happens for you ? No ! Thats not how the world works. You pay to get acting classes, you pay to get headshots, you pay to travel to auditions and if your lucky to get seen by an agent you are one of the lucky few that get that chance. Most agencies wont just see you because you want to be seen. They go through THOUSANDS of resumes and if your lucky to catch an eye then congrats ! What people fail to realize about Adrian and TCE is that he is not offering you stardom he is not saying you will be the next big thing and he is not telling you that you dont have other options. No what he does is offers to train you and make you adjusted to what audition life will be like. He is offering his expertise and his time to coach you in what you will need to make it and brings those ever so elusive agents and managers to you ! Yes it comes with a fee but so does everything else in life and what people fail to see is that he is not making anyone go through with it he is just offering an opprotunity which you can clearly say no to. People want to blame and point fingers and accuse him of being a scam and a ripoff but let me tell you this he is one of the most geuine persons I have ever met. He doesnt take your money and run.... He talks to people, parents daily always availabe to anyone. The first time I did this with my daughter she was 8 she got a call back and didnt make it in the end. So 1. That debunks that EVERYONE gets picked because they dont. 2. I stayed in contact with him and he even told me what she needed ( because my daughter was dredfully shy) so she did she worked on it and 5 years later she tried again ( mind you during the 5 years I stayed in contact with Adrian ) this time she made it all the way through and got signed by an agency AND booked a small role in an independant movie. So this proves that he doesnt just take you for your money he becomes invested in your child. He creates a family with TCE and we are so glad that we did this my daughter is a bright outgoing person and would not be the same without the guidance of Adrian. So to all the nay-sayers out there maybe it just didnt work out for you or maybe you just want things handed to you for free soley on the fact that you feel you are special and dont need to work for anything but I can and will always praise Adrian and his team for their wonderful group and I will defend what he does because he does it out of love for the buisness and your childrens dreams. He makes the family, we keep it together and I will always have faith in him and what he does.
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Hi, I would like to make some money . How much were you paid for this positive review ? No offence !


Wow that’s unbelievable just because someone leaves a positive review automatically you think they are being “paid” ....




I've heard people saying "well this person and that person said this and that" but I have never seen anyone personally say or complain about it.

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