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Disqus - Disgusting lack of customer service

Disqus - Disgusting lack of customer service
company allow trolling, impersonation and stalking , attempts to get this issue looked at by disqus blogs gets me blocked , channels can subscribe to you endlessly, removing them wont stop them refollowing , disqus also allow channels to constantly rename so comments...
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This site is nothing more than a "{{Redacted}} session" with a bunch of uninformed children. I guess the power they have to "ban" a person (who was thoughtfully having a political dialogue) is what the site really is about.

It is not a mentally stimulating site- just another site that "control" is everything. Don't waste you're time here- the "owners" just want to get their jollies by deciding what is and is not said.

Your enlightened or educated thoughts will not be allowed or appreciated. CIAO!- Many other sites that are FAR better.

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wont listen to evidence of crimes being committed on platform