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Debt Solutions Group - Promised Credit Restoration/ took the money and ran

James Nave ( Debt Solutions Group) Lang Smith ( Extreme Credit recovery) and Len Babbitt all know that I was taken by DSG. They all point fingers at each other but none of them wants to stand up and correct the problem. James Nave now works for Investors Finance in San Diego, Ca. Lang Smith has ECR Solutions in Jacksonville, Fl. And who knows where the weasel Len Babbitt is. I paid Debt Solutions for credit recovery. Supposedly ECR was supposed to do the work. Supposedly Len Babbitt took the money and ran. Lang Smith at least offered to do the work at his cost. Am I supposed to send MORE MONEY? Are you kidding me? All are rip offs and won't return the money OR do the work!
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This guys are bs they took my money to I don't know what do


James Nave is a fraud.

We entered into an agreement where he coordinate the renegotiation of my mortgage. After 6 months, I asked for my money back. He stated we never agreed to a refund .... so I showed him our formal agreement stating that I would receive a full refund.

He than cried on my shoulder stating that he was going bankrupt himself and that he had NO money to refund me. He stated that he WOULD MAKE IT RIGHT between us and refund my money.

That was 2 years ago.

He's a fraud!!! STAY AWAY FROM JAMES NAVE!!!!


This is Lang. This post is complete *** and I had nothing to do with this. My application used to be readily available on my website. This James Nave guy was an affiliate of Len Babbitt. I quit doing business with Len over 2 years ago because of his unethical practice. He then proceeded to take my application and take peoples money pretending he was still at my company. James Nave was unknowingly involved in this. He assumed Len was sending us all the client he had been sending Len but Len wasn't.

A few months later this guy calls wondering what's going on with his file. I told him we didn't have his file. I later found out he was a victim of the Len Babbitt scam. Just as a good gesture I told him I would do his file for my cost since it wasn't my responsibility and not my fought. I explained that I couldn't control every scam artist out there that wants to rip off my stuff.

He basically got upset that I wouldn't do his credit for free because he got scammed by someone else.

I'm working on getting this post taken down because it's a complete lie about me and my company. Len Babbitt even setup a duplicate company called ECR Solutions so some people really think that's me but it's not.

That's all I know to say. It's BS that honest people like me get their name destroyed because people are angry and post inaccurate information.


Do you people NOT realize you can fix your own credit by simply contacting the creditors and working out payment plans/settlement offers? Because all these SCAMMERS claiming to be credit restorers/doctors do is CONTACT THE CREDITOR AND WORK OUT A PAYMENT PLAN!

There is no such thing as someone that can wipe your bad credit/debt clean. If it were, EVERYONE, especially in these hard times, would be contacting these people.

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Extreme Credit Restoration - ECR , Debt Solutions Group, James Nave, Lang Smith

I was contacted by Debt Solutions Group, which is James Nave's company. His employee, Angel Medina, promised that my wife and I would improve our credit score and remove negative entries on our reports. After we paid the money we did not get any response from Angel. He then told us that he had left the company and that he had placed our file on James Nave's desk so that he could handle it personally. James would not return my phone calls and then sent me an email stating that he was the facilitator and that ECR and Lang Smith were responsible for the service. I contacted Lang and he said that James was responsible since he was never paid for the service. Lang offered to perform the service at cost but that James should refund the money. Now they say that Len Babbitt is to blame. I think that they are all crooks. I am filing a complaint with the FTC.
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Why would Lang work so hard to make such an online presence, only to scam people?!? Why would he jeopardize his reputation of being a master at what he does, and as such a nice guy?

His positive reviews on other sites are similar to my story. He is a master at getting stuff off your report and improving your score.

If you've had a negative experience, I'm very certain you were not dealing with Lang!


I recently Googled Lang to find his contact information again, and came across this blog!

This is not true, Lang did credit repair for me approximately a year ago! He's the only company that I've been with that has ACTUALLY made a dramatic differemce on my credit.

In addition, I live in Minnesota and found his company online, So I'm not just some "buddY" of Lang's. You can Google me to see that I'm legitimate.

Lang also communicated with me that he'd be moving to thats why I'm looking up his contact information again to refer him to my friend!


Sorry, but Lang's service is a scam, whether he was responsible for Babbitt's deal or not. I paid to have my credit repaired, saying it would take a year to get everything negative off of my credit report.

2 years later, I still have stuff on my credit report that's not removed. His "guarantee" here was only that your credit score would improve. Newsflash - if you do NOTHING for a year to damage your credit, your score will improve, so that's not really much of a guarantee. In the beginning, I also signed up for Lang's credit card debt elimination program, which he guaranteed with my money back if I got a judgment against me.

Well, I got one and I still can't get my money back, or my wife's money, after a year of trying. When I mailed something to his address, it came back to me as undeliverable. Was this an attempt to relocate without leaving a forwarding address to run from unsatisfied customers? I mean, what reputable businessman would move his company without informing his clients/customers and setting up mail forwarding?

Suspicious... But we paid Lang's company $3,500 for the debt elimination and have been taken both to court and mediation, deciding to just try to make deals with the creditors after the first 3 lenders came after us. No help was ever given by Lang, with the exception of a copy of the "replacement contract" that he was supposed to be getting the card companies to accept as a new contract between me and them. Basically it was garbage and the 3 attorneys I showed it to said no way it was going to hold up in court.

So the moral of the story here is absolutely DO NOT buy services from Lang Smith or ECR. You will not get the expected results, you will not get replies from him once he's got your money, and you will not get your money back.


:( I was unable to find you on facebook. I searched your name and did not find your profile.

As of now I still dont believe that it is the real Lang Smith who is replying to me and I wish to be contacted immediately. You can search MY name on facebook and friend me so that I can explain further.

Thank You

Georgette Szabo


I'm a mortgage Broker in Idaho and have been using Lang for about 6 years now and havent had any complaints, he's done a great job for me and my clients. I charge my clients just the fee that Lang charges and dont think its right for people to make money off of other people's hard work.

I have personally seen what the guy can do with credit!

Not trying to stroke anyone here but there are many in our industry that were and are crooked and believe me the Department of Finance is hunting them down...sorry you were a victum. Report them to your local Dept of Finance office!


This message is for Georgette Szabo.


I'm just now reading this post and I would love to offer my help if possible. It looks like you're a victim of this Len Babbitt thing too because I don't even have a service for $1300.00

Len and his affiliates used to sell it for that and more though.

If there's anything I can do feel free to let me know.

I'm not going to leave too much information here because I don't believe in these rip off reports at all because they are not accurate. I'm getting burned on this for no reason at all. I can't control other people stealing my application.

I have put a stop to that since then and minimized the scams from my name so let me know if I can help.

You can find my on facebook. Just type in my name. Send me a message and I'll respond to you.


Guys if you truly need your credit fixed please just send me and email of a call. We have been fixing credit for 13 years and have the most efficient system on the market. Results in 3 to 21 business days 817-986-****


To add to all of the negative comments, I sent over $1300.00 to Lang Smith because I signed a contract with him and when I tried to contact him on two different addresses in Georgia and Jacksonville Florida and it came back as unknown.

If the post by lsmithenterprise, on 19-02-2011 11:45 is really from Lang Smith than he should reply to me. I have been trying to contact him for months now and have not heard anything.

If I don't get a reply from ECR than I know that James Nave and Lang Smith are crooks and should not be trusted. DO NOT send them any information about cleaning up your debt because they will only take your money and not help you!


Debt Solutions Group is a fraud.

James Nave is a crook, liar, and a cheat!

Stay away!!!



James Nave of Debt Solutions Group owes us $3000 which was paid to his firm with a guarantee of delivering support.

When after 5 months no support was delivered, we asked for our refund. At first he said that no refunds were available. However, when we reminded him our our contract and agreement, which stated a full refund would be provided if services were not deliverd, he balked and told us a story about business being bad, the economy turning, blah blah blah.

In October of 2010 he told us that he was closing his business and that he would work hard to return our hard-earned money to us. He stated we certainly could sue him but since he had no money, we wouldn't get anything.

James was always full of excuses.

James is a crook.

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