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Us Airways #2112650
Please leave my parents out of this. I have not spoken to either of them for 22 years. I got into an argument with my grandma and sent her to the hospital. My parents encouraged her to press charges. They did. I spent less than a year in jail. I was also arrested because I beat up a three year old. He needed surgery and had a fracture skull. He still has injuries from this. LOTFLMFAO. I was in jail shortly after I posted this experience. I spent 8 years in jail fir hurt the kid. That us why it took 10 years to reply. As for my dad touching me. I lied about that. I only said that because he encouraged my grandmother to press charges against me . They later dropped yhefather when they found out that i lied because he helped my grandmother press charge. I hate my whole family. I have a criminal record thanks to them. I wished that i had killed that 3 year old. But the fact that at almost 13 he still walks with a limp because i hurt him is good enough. I am not allowed near children.
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Suzy B Nkv
The boy is recovering. Too bad. I wish I had paralized him. I am still upset about this experiance.