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Office Of Unemployment Compensation Of Pennsylvania - Robbing the UC Fund to Pay for Free "Gender Reassignment"

The state of Pennsylvania UC is throwing laid off Pennsylvania workers into lengthy appeals nightmares, court dates, mismanagement of claims in order to avoid paying the legitimate UC claims of Pennsylvania workers. And what is Pennsylvania done with the UC funding? Pennsylvania is providing free "gender reassignment" services on the taxpayer dime through its state Medicaid program. Dear Pennsylvania Legislative *** you're robbing the working, taxpaying citizens of any safety net, forcing us into credit card debt, foreclosure, depleted retirement savings and and bankruptcy. And for what? To buy yourselves votes from "gender reassignments" on the working taxpaying citizens dime. Read on- Where do I begin? Is the state of Pennsylvania imploding? Laid off from long term job (probably because I'm almost 55 yers old). Against better judgment took an assignment from one of these offshore "recruiters" out of India. What a mess. India recruiting company didn't pay me for the 5 days I worked for them and then disputed me reopening my existing unemployment claim from my prior long term employer lay off. The UC office is now 2 months getting through this appeal process with no hearing scheduled and no income for me for 2 months now, living off credit cards an retirement savings gone. I think the UC center is waiting for this fly by night contract recruiter to get back to them but these are somewhere in India and so that isn't going to happen. Going to lose my home and everything else. Stay away from the India "recruiters" as this is nothing but trouble and the PA UC doesn't know how to cope with them. The state of PA has inadequate funding to the UC safety net for those of us who've worked and paid taxes here since we were teens, however the state of PA can fund state Medicaid covered transgender sex change services on the same taxpayer dime. Thats right, the tax payer is paying for "gender reassignment" services under medicaid in PA! The same taxpayer who's losing everything in a layoff from their jobs with a poorly managed and funded UC safety net! Way to go Governor Wolfe; way to go managing a state government in a fiscally responsible manner. Gender reassignment, Governor Wolfe? While the taxpayers lives go down the tubes
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You get what you vote for and since Pennsylvania has a democrat as governor, what can you expect except increasing nonsensical programs. The entitlement mentality and advocacy of aberrant behavior seems to be alive and well in your state.

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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There is no word for what is happening
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Get these clowns OUT of office