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HAARP is being used to manipulate the weather

There is a weaponized system that is being used by the U.S. Government to purposely experiment with and manipulate the weather. They are using it to create anomalous severe weather events such as heavy rains, hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, heat waves, extreme cold, etc. It has caused an increase in thunderstorms in areas where I live. And as well as throughout North America. The government has disguised the system as HAARP High frequency Active Aurora Research Program. They claim it's for ionospheric research, but in reality, it is being used to manipulate the weather in certain places in this world. They are using it to create different crisis's across the country and around the world. Another form of geoengineering they use is through chemtrails. Everyday they have planes that go around and spraying chemtrails across the country. It is causing brainwashing people and making them sick. They also use geoengineering as a form of brainwashing and dumbing down the population so that way they don't know about what dangerous schemes they are pulling against us. If anyone sees this, please I encourage you, do whatever it takes to get these monsters to stop manipulating our weather and our minds.
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Gakona, Alaska
  • That they mess with our weather
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Anomalous local weather
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Stop manipulating our weather and stop spraying chemtrails