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Gas South - Disconnection

Gas South - Disconnection
Original review updated by user Dec 29, 2021
Congratulations! I am a homebound, handicapped senior, tied to an oxygen tube and somehow your representatives managed to sneak up to my door with it standing wide open and me sleeping less than 20 feet from where they turned the gas off and without a word disconnected my gas. Not until I tried to draw a bath this morning did I even know it. I have no idea how I did not pay you EXCEPT that I have been under the protection of Adult Protective Services for 6 months due to abuse by a "Covid" renter who would not pay bills and who would not move and tried to coerce me out of my house. I've had not one but two major heart attacks since March of this year and been hospitalized twice in 12 months for pneumonia ... I had one of my 14 year old dogs euthanized last week ... let's see what ELSE might have added to my lapse in memory ... not to mention my squeaky tight financial state? Ahhh yes ... I parked my now defunct car in my yard so I could actually walk to the door without falling (I don't even live in the entire house ... just a lower level apartment because of the fall risk) ... and got a ticket which I did not go to court for (I forgot that too) and now there is a month old warrant out for my arrest. over a 125 fine that they expect me to UBER to the courthouse with all my extra money and pay in person among ALL THOSE potential covid carriers and me with CKD, CHF and COPD .... I'm an alphabet soup of human decay. Was this intentional to try and kill me because it sure feels like it may. BUT GOOD JOB GAS SOUTH for reaching out first, for KNOCKING on the damn door or even walking right in and shouting to see if I was even alive ... my sister Melinda died alone much this same way this past year ... no one giving a *** in the dead of winter. I can't count the times I've struggled to use your convoluted web site to make a payment ... November jumps to mind ... and simply given up and obviously subsequently forgotten to try yet a third or fourth time and reaching a human without an hour long wait is impossible much less having them explain the bill which is supposed to be a SIMPLIFIED bill ... can we go over the surprise and wrongful disconnect a few years ago? when I had to open an entirely new account? Well, I've paid the mortgage, paid them to kill my dog, managed to pay everyone else who actually had a website I could use or CS that actually responded to calls without an hour wait but maybe I can still muster a few *** at a truck stop to pay you. OH *** but then I get to pay the POS who couldn't knock and give me a chance to pay another 100 that I don't have to turn it back on ... meanwhile let's see how I manage manhandling this huge 5 gallon soup pot boiling on a hot plate (because I don't even own a working stove much less could I climb the stairs to the kitchen to carry something that heavy) into an already dangerous bathtub while tripping over oxygen tubing and rolling it in an office chair. For my next trick I'll be attempting to climb on the bed, then on nearby bookshelves, reaching over my head to hang a blanket from the ceiling between the upstairs and the downstairs I live in (because the POS renter Mike Haynes stole my step ladder) so I stand some modicum of a chance of warming this room up so I don't catch pneumonia AGAIN before the end of 2021. and you know why y'all do this??? BECAUSE YOU CAN. because bureaucracy let's you, because nobody GAF about you when you get old and useless and aren't "contributing" you forget that we ALREADY contributed and every dime we paid was for the NEXT generation ... likely the very person reading this. We, my generation, is living off what OUR PARENTS paid into this system. I can't WAIT til YOU retire and SS has been raped by the very government that gives you RIGHT to do this. EDIT: AFTER FINALLY getting a useless CS representative, Sade, who after 42 minutes had NOT resolved the problem and instead argued EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. of the way and was more concerned about me saying *** than taking my money .... I asked her to "be quite" while I concentrated on maneuvering their RIDICULOUS payment portal .... and she too great offense to being asked to be quite ... so I asked her "how would you like for me to nicely tell you to shut up while I focus on your stupid website?" well, that went even worse ... so I got a supervisor Melanie who was so flustered when I got through with her that she didn't know a question from an answer ... BUT a bank warning showed up (image below) with MORE than sufficient funds to pay this bill. RIDDLE ME THIS ... HOW STUPID IS THIS STORY???? PENALIZING ME BECAUSE THEY CAN'T DO THEIR *** JOB? Have a nice day. Deborah Wood 889 Trace Circle Marietta GA 30066

User's recommendation: Their price point is good but is it worth the hassle? It is IF they tell you about it before you're almost bankrupt and IF you can manuver through their BS website to even SEE your bill and IF you can reach a human and IF that human does their job correctly. My recommendation is keep looking or build a fire. It's easier than dealing with Gas South. and even being this *** they're STILL better than Scana, that gives them 1 star. THE ONLY THING you can rely on with Gas South is they will seize ANY opportunity to disconnect for the Atlanta Gas Light reconnect fee. I assume there are kickbacks somewhere in the deal.

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