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Premier Management Group Scam. Located at 40 South Street, W

Colossal Marketing which is operating under the name "Premier Management Group". Located at 40 South Street, West Hartford CT. They used to be located on New Park where his partner Jason Ward is currently still at, Please I urge you to steer away from this SCAM.~Mike Catherwood.This company is nothing but a scheme. The job is nothing but door to door and straight commission. If you think you'll make any money your wrong most of them working there are broke. If you are lured into this because the person seemed to be cool who took you out thats the way they make it seem its all fake. bunch of low life peddlers go get a ****ing real job. *** and nothing but lies lies lies.
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To all of you who think this is a scam I feel sorry for you. All that PMG or GBP do is challenge you to be the best you can be everyday.

There is real money to be made in their industry and rapid growth potential if you are cut out for it. To all of you bad mouthing haters out there I understand that you are not cut out for the industry. It's a great opportunity. There are thousands of people that do their job all over the world and I commend them for "knocking on doors" its not as easy as it looks.

But if you have a drive to succeed and have full confidence in your abilities you will do fine. Remember, that doing something like this definitely challenges you and if you make it to management your time has definitely been well spent.

To all of those of you who go out there to interview and experience what they do I wish the best of luck. You have the potential to work with some great people despite what the bad mouthers do here.


Global Business Partners is the same office in West Hartford, CT


So I go in fo rmy first round and asked her what the position was about come back for a second and its exactly what she said it wasnt door to door sales ripping off ATT customers and people forcing them into contracts. Premier Management Employs a bunch of people with no integrity. Sales *** work there so if you want to solicit yourself than this is the perfect position


I went in for an interview an hours later they called me and told me I got the Job. Then I google it that's when I see it was a scam.


Hey guys, I see this company and many others all over rip off report. Fake promises of no door to door sales and fake promises of salary.

If you're looking for something better, check out a company in East Berlin, CT by the name of In-Store Innovations. We do marketing for Directv and Vizio INSIDE retail stores. This is not a 100% commission position and is not door to door, business to business, cold calling or telemarketing.

I've been working here for about 6 weeks and I really like it. You can find out how to apply on careerbuilder


Thanks for the warning


This is Premier Management Group located in West Hartford, CT. an outsourced cydcor office one of many throughout the nation.

Att doesnt want to take the blame but their just as bad for hiring people to do this work for them. At Premier Management Group their door to door reps are obnoxious, the reps force sales and upon people and lie about prices all the time, very unethical. Probably because their Manager yells at them all the time,he always has a fake smile on and than you can here him yell from behind closed doors. Also because those reps work on commission only.

Its a very hard way to make a living so they lie to make sales. But their hoping to get into management and one day and get to make the real bucks. But that doesnt make any sense when the manager lives in an apartment, and doesnt even own a car. What kind of bull is that?

The people who work at this office including Tara the secretary are just a bunck of clowns. These people are all *** and cydcor is a white collar multi-level marketing scheme and number 1 outsourced door to door schemers.

Dont ever do business with anyone who comes to your door point blank. Ive seen the behind the seen the behind the scene and its grimy


You must be a loser that can't *** the sales process. I personally know people working there that avg $800-$1,000 / week.

Yeah you work in bad weather sometimes(Boo Hoo).Just because you have to earn your money it must be a scam,right.

Stick to the safe paycheck and keep delivering pizzas. But if you believe in your own ability this could be an opportunity to make money.


I went for my "interview" today. I googled the company name and came across this as well as the ripoff reports.

I quickly went into the interview and purposely bombed it. I let him know that I wasnt interested, and when I was leaving the office I also told the other person waiting in the that the company was a shame.


Wow I guess I wont go to the job interview then :?

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