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When you sign a lease with these sleaze balls make sure you have an attorney write a separate clause regarding termination fees. will tell you can opt out of the lease by paying the termination fee on the lease agreement. They will not tell you that also includes the amount left on the lease in addition to the termination fee in fact they out right lie about it. The best part is the individual who writes leases at the Downers Grove location. told me thr the *** who was pulling this scam is no longer with the company in other words "we are sorry you got ripped off"
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I bought a car from LuxuryMotors, I paid for having my vehicle shipped thru a close container, but they ended up shipping my vehicle thru an open container and not only that but my vehicle arrived with tons of scratches and dents. Not only that but now everytime I call them they always tell me some one else will call me back,...

To this day I still haven't heard from them, I am looking into suing the *** out of them!!! I can't believe this dealership is somehow still in business.



Is this the luxury motors in Raleigh you all are talking about?


They got me too....sleazy mother ***. I am preparing to sue the *** out of them.


they installed LoJack car tracking device into every car and stick you with a $700 bill at the end before they let you go. it was not fully disclosed and not included in the advertised price.

if you do not wish to pay for it or do not want a tracking device installed in your new car, stay away from luxurymotors.


I bought a Mercedes from the Downers Grove location. I later found out that the car was in a major accident involving the front axel.

They also scam you into buying a LoJack stating that the car already has the system installed and it must be paid for or no deal, even though the *** saleman said it was already included in the advertised price. I was there till 10pm on a Saturday night and they told me I had to wait to see the finance manager. There were no other customers there! I realized later that this is their gimmick, they make you move all the stuff from your trade into the new car and then throw a bunch of *** at you in the finance office.

They also lied and told me that State Farm guarantees a 30% discount on LoJack. State Farm cnfirmed they are liars!


Sleezy is a good word. Can't trust them.

Tried to get me out of there without detailing my car first. Had to go back to get that done. Then they didnt put back the expensive floor mats in my car and now they wont answer my calls so i can get them back.

AARGH. Buyer Beware!


For those of you that don't know they are very very rough with their cars, they are cramed into roof top garages and in fenced lots (because they are too cheap to store them indoors) I don't know about you but when I buy a 75,000+ car I would think it would be better taken care of. They will tell you anything to sell a car!

They seem to make up their own facts... Anyone selling high end cars should know the basics.


Luxury motors got me to

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