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Best Buy -- I got screwed

I really don't know where to start this story. It is just really unbelievable what has happened. It is almost like I am the victim. After all, it is my fault that I took my car to Best Buy. I own a 1998 BMW 528i that was in excellent condition when I took it to the Best Buy in Heath, OH on October 21, 2007 to have a Viper Remote Security System installed. The install appointment was scheduled in advance and the car was dropped off with them when they opened at 11 A.M. I returned 8 hours later and only part of the work was done. I had to schedule the remaining work (door lock/unlock feature) to be completed that Thursday, October 25. I returned on Thursday and again the car was left for the entire day. When I went back to my car, it was obvious that certain wires were crossed as my panel lights were flashing, the lock/unlock feature was not working properly, the door handle to open the vehicle wasn't the same, and I noticed obvious gouge marks in the side panel where the technician either pried loose or forced open the panel to gain access. All of this was brought to the attention of store management and I was assured they would address it the next day. A review of the work order paperwork (copy obtained when I dropped the vehicle off compared to the copy when I picked the vehicle up) clearly shows the technician covered his tracks by adding comments indicating the damage was done previously, which it wasn't. The paperwork proving the technician coverup was presented to the manager, Best Buy assumed liability for the damages to the door panel, and a Best Buy Insurance claim was generated. The store manager assured me that the technician would be fired and his other techs would look at the installation and fix it. The store had my car for 4 more days before making the decision on October 29 that they decided to remove the system from my vehicle because, according to the manager, they couldn't figure out how to do the complete installation properly on my vehicle. The next day, when I called the store to inquire of status, I was informed that arrangements were underway by the store to have my vehicle towed to the BMW dealership, Kelly BMW in Easton, OH. The store had my car towed by a non-affiliated AAA tow company without my authorization, and as it turns out, I had to pay the tow bill to get my car from the dealership. I am a AAA Plus member, and if I wanted to have it towed, I would have had it arranged under my coverage. But the tow bill is only part of the story. Best Buy Claims did not cover the entire cost of repairs, and I had to incur even more out of pocket to get my car back. Bottom line, I was without my car for over a month and it cost me almost $600 to get my car back. Surely there are consumer rights issues with my case. I have documented all conversations with all the parties involved, and am very much interested in leveraging a lawsuit at Best Buy. Loss of use, aggravation, $600 out of pocket expense to get my car back – this is unbelievable. My next step is meeting with my lawyer and filing suit with the Small Claims Court in my area of jurisdiction.
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you should have taken it to the BMW Dealer in the first place then you would not have had all these problems.


Google theft rates on cars w/ factory security and one w/ aftermarket alarms. Factory alarms are way easier to steal so keep on trusting your key-fob.

P.S. BMWs are pure garbage electronically


Why would you have an aftermarket alarm fitted to that car? The system integrated into the car at the factory is superior to anything "Best" Buy can offer. The transmitter is in the key, so you don't require an additional fob. Selective unlocking of the driver's door, trunk, or all doors. Loud siren, tilt sensor, interior motion sensor. EWS which disables the starter and ignition unless the correct key is used. Diagnosable via the diagnostic connector. And it can be activated using the key in the door lock, if the transmitter battery dies.

I feel your pain, but I just don't understand people thinking that they can outsmart the legendary engineers of Germany.

p.s. Now you know, "Best" Buy blows!

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