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Schaumburg Automedics - Ripped me off of $1,086.29

Schaumburg Automedics Inc. owned by John Jobst located at 503 Lunt Ave in Schaumburg IL., ripped me of 1,086.29 for repairs he did not do on my car. Found out the parts were the orignal parts from my 2005 Mercury Montego by the casting numbers and the part's prefix numbers which were the same damaged parts. The new parts he supposedly put on my car were the service parts which do not have casting numbers or part numbers on the parts and these parts were not on my car they were my original damaged parts. This is a repair shop that no one should take they're cars to. By no means.
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Schaumburg Automedics Inc. 09/09/10503 Lunt AveSchaumburg, Il 60193Phone: 847-352-****Fax: 847-352-****Email: JJ@***.COM To Whom It May Concern: BBB case# 9430**** in regards to Dory Johnson.

On September 3, 2010 this case was heard by the Cook County Court system in the small claims court for consumer fraud, case #10 m3 2824. The Cook County Court system found in favor of Schaumburg Automedics Inc. Schaumburg Automedics Inc. was not in fault of such claims presented by Dory Johnson.

In this matter, all claims presented by Dory Johnson were found unwarranted and should not reflect as a negative impacted against Schaumburg Automedics Inc. and should be removed from any publication and recored as such.Sincerely,John JobstVice PresidentSchaumburg Automedics Inc.Schaumburg Automedics Inc. 08/06/10503 Lunt Ave.Schaumburg, Il 60193Phone: 847-352-****Fax: 84-352-****Email: JJ@***.comTo Whom It May Concern: BBB case#9430**** in regards to Dory Johnson. As stated in the letter sent on 27th of July, 2010, Mrs.

Johnson’s vehicle was towed in and the vehicle would start and die. The mileage on the vehicle was noted on Schaumburg Automedics Inc. Repair Order #0062539 of 119622 and the tow company (Aplus Towing) also has the same mileage noted, and the repair order was signed by Mrs. Johnson.

This proves in writing that John Jobst of Schaumburg Automedics Inc did not lie about the mileage on the vehicle as Mrs. Johnson’s claims. The technician did drive the vehicle into the shop and it was running very poorly and dieing out. Mrs.

Johnson was informed on 1st of July, 2010, that the upper intake manifold did have *** in it causing the vehicle to have a large vacuum leak and causing the engine to run very poorly and would effect further testing. The Upper intake manifold and EGR valve would have to be replaced and the vehicle would have to be retested for possible other problems. Mrs. Johnson agreed to have the repair done on the 1st of July, 2010.After she spoke with someone on her cell phone, she declined the repairs on 1st of July, 2010, and the vehicle was pulled back outside so the vehicle could be towed to her house.

Mrs. Johnson called back on 2nd of July, 2010, and agreed to have the upper intake replaced and asked if it would be ok if the vehicle could stay until 9th of July, 2010, so she could get the money together. John Jobst stated that would be fine because the upper intake had to be ordered and would not be in until 7th of July, 2010. On 7th of July, 2010, the upper intake manifold and EGR valve were replaced with new Ford parts.

The technician road tested the vehicle about ¼ miles and returned to the shop and found the vehicle lacked power and was not drivable. The technician retested the vehicle and found the front catalytic converters were restricted. Mrs. Johnson declined replacement of the front catalytic converters and was informed the vehicle was not drivable.

The vehicle was ready for pick up on 7th of July, 2010, and the upper intake manifold and EGR valve were in working order. The vehicle was towed from Schaumburg Automedics Inc on 9th of July, 2010. The vehicle was towed back to Schaumburg Automedics Inc. 13th of July, 2010, with the mileage of 119630 noted on Repair Order #0062638 and by the tow company (Aplus towing).

The technician found the upper intake manifold had a burn hole in it and was not a factory defect as Mrs. Johnson and her mechanic had stated. Because Mrs. Johnson did not replace both front catalytic converters, the exhaust system still had a restriction in the exhaust system, and the vehicle was driven 8 miles since the vehicle was released on 9th of July, 2010.

This caused the burn hole in the upper intake manifold and is not covered under warranty, because it is not a factory defect. This matter has been reviewed by Christopher Robinson, the AAA Chicago Approved Auto Repair Coordinator. He agrees this matter is not covered under warranty by Schaumburg Automedics Inc. or by the AAA Motor Club 12 month or 12,000 miles warranty.

Mrs. Johnson sent a letter to Rita Elsner, the Assistant Village Attorney for the Village of Schaumburg in regards to this matter. Rita Elsner responded on 3rd of August, 2010, with a letter to Mrs. Johnson this is a civil matter between her and Schaumburg Automedics Inc.

there are no Village ordinances or codes that were violated. The letter sent to Schaumburg Automedics Inc. states, “Because you have responded and pointed out the problems Ms. Johnson created herself, we will note that the matter has been resolved and we will close our file on this matter.” In conclusion of this matter, AAA Motor Club and the Assistant Attorney of The Village of Schaumburg agree this is not customer fraud, and the repair is not covered under warranty, and it is negligence on Mrs.

Johnson’s part. Mrs. Johnson did not perform the necessary repairs (replace both front catalytic converters) and the vehicle was driven causing the damage to the upper intake manifold and EGR valve.

This matter should be closed with no penalty to Schaumburg Automedics Inc. If further copies of the signed repair orders are needed, please contact John Jobst.Sincerely, John JobstSchaumburg Automedics Inc.503 Lunt Ave.Schaumburg, Il 60193Phone: 847-352-****Fax: 847-352-****Email: jj@***.com.

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