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Norwegian Air Shuttle Asa - I checked in at airport, then missed flight due to illness. Airline won't refund.

Dan PerriJune 1, 2018 Nancy Jane Wall Norwegian Air Booking reference 38ZESW Los Angeles - London Gatwick 22 May 2018 Dear Sirs, After checking in at 1530 and while waiting at LAX Airport One World lounge for our flight (22 May 2018 flight DI7096) to London, Gatwick Airport, I became ill with severe stomach and chest pains. The pains persisted and increased until my wife called Airport paramedics who examined me and finally advised me - and insisted - that I not board our flight. This was more than one hour before the scheduled departure time of 1930 hours. Most importantly, you should be aware I had had serious open heart surgery in May 2016, and was fearful of a possible heart attack. Enclosed is a copy of my heart valve replacement certification that I must always carry with me. I was not at all thinking of anything, especially new travel plans, but focusing on my immediate health, stomach/chest pains and the severe anxiety of my deteriorating condition. The paramedics were indeed attentive, and they kept stressing that I should not fly out of fear of my condition worsening and that the plane may be diverted to take me to a hospital. It was a very traumatic experience. There happened to be a medical doctor nearby in the lounge who kindly questioned me and agreed with the paramedics advice not to fly. One World Lounge personnel were nearby, observing my treatment. Finally, my wife and I advised them that I could not fly. They took our boarding passes and presented them to the Norwegian desk to inform them of my unrelenting pain and nausea. This led to our unfortunate and unforeseen cancelation of and our inability medically to fly on flight DI7096. This was more than one hour before flight time – complying with your requirement of notification of cancellation. We had met the requirements - and felt safe that our tickets were preserved for use at a later date. Additionally, My wife and I purchased these tickets over two years ago and – due to our combined continued health problems - had to cancel and re-book four prior times and have paid over $2,500 in change fees. In fact, the morning of the flight on 22 May – concerned about my wife's health and the possibility of not flying – I phoned Norwegian Air asking about when I must notify to cancel a flight. I was told up to 30 minutes before departure. I was NOT told about requiring re-booking before that 30 minute time in order to to preserve the tickets. After feeling well enough the next day and after being examined and consulted by my doctor - whose written note is enclosed - I phoned Norwegian Air to inquire about setting new travel dates and I was told that the outbound flight was gone and no longer had any value. I had apparently lost nearly $3,000. I was further told – after the fact when nothing could be done about it -- that I had until 30 minutes before flight time to RE-BOOK and pay a change fee to preserve the value of the outbound tickets. If I had felt well enough in that one hour time frame while experiencing the severe pain and illness – and been advised by Norwegian Air personnel - or had the presence of mind - I might have been able to figure out a new travel date to change to and re-booked at that time. However, during that time period the paramedics were wheeling me in a wheel chair to the waiting ambulance outside the airport entrance where I was put on a gurney, loaded and rushed to nearby Centinela Hospital where I remained for several hours. Further, when picking up our bags at the counter before entering the ambulance, Norwegian Air representatives should have attempted the kindness and professionalism, to advise us that not re-booking at that time would have voided our outbound tickets. As a result of this incident, I request that the value of our Premium class outbound tickets for my wife and myself be reinstated and allowed to be used towards a future flight on your 787 Dreamliner. Further, due to my illness and cancellation, we also missed Norwegian Air flight D82908, 23 May 2018 Ref. LKMUTM, London Gatwick - Copenhagen, that we were to take upon our arrival at London Gatwick, on 23 May. We request the value of those tickets be reinstated for future use. Along with the loss of the flight and the enormous disappointment of losing our vacation, we are trying to re-plan the same trip for some time in September and would need to apply the value of these outbound tickets to our new itinerary. We will be cancelling the original return flight on 8 June and re-booking those tickets for our new outbound trip LA/London Gatwick tentatively planned for 9 September and returning 26 September. Thank you for your kind attention. We look forward to a resolution of this matter. Sincerely, Dan Perri Nancy Jane Wall The airline refused to refund the cost of the flight or reinstate the value of the tickets for future use.
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