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Clarendon Development Holdings INC & Hilmar R Huy

To: All involved with Phil Walton of Clarendon Development and any other name he may be using or operating under. During the month of October 2009 I worked with one Jon Kieth to secure a loan through Phil Walton of Clarendon Development. I provided documents to include tax papers financial statements as well as an extensive business plan for the expansion of my business. During the month of October his Phil Walton's attorney Bill Watson was in the process of being disbarred (I found this out at a latter time). They provide me with documents for the loan and required $510, 000.00 in an SBLS or A wire to an escrow account with Steven M. Hirter, an attorney in Switzerland. This was a change of the documents; the original documents required the funds be escrowed with Bill Watson. I have found that Steven M. Hirter works for DR. Hilmar Huy of HRH group or whatever name he finds convenient to use, he can be found on the web with several business tied to HRH, they may or may not be real. After the funding date passed as well as many subsequent funding dates, and discussions with Lorena Harvey of Corporate Lending Corporate Leasing out of Ohio of which Jon Kieth was working for at the time. I found this individual, Lorena Harvey, less than honest and soon found that none of them would take a call from me. Bill Watson is listed as the administrator on my documents, he to failed to assist in my issues and shortly started avoiding my calls to his office and cell phone also. I requested my funds be returned no less than five times to no avail. I attempted to negotiate the return of my funds with Steven M. Hirter and D. Huy (+417********, +417********). These individuals have not worked with me in an honest respectable manner. I believe that we are wasting our time attempting to do anything other than the use of force through the judicial system to resolve our issues with them and the others involved (Phil Walton for one). If they were honest respectable individuals we would not be in the situation we have been put in. These individuals are Attorneys, aware of exactly how to take advantage of the financial system, Their knowledge allows them to use the law to their own advantage. They are fully aware of how they are deceiving each prospective client (each of us) and know the laws they are circumventing. This SCAM is large and I am certain that they have made mistakes that can get them what they each deserve. Thorough our organizing we can find these errors and force the judicial system to work for us. I am tired of being a victim. I have documents and email correspondence to prove my allegations I present as to this groups perceived fraudulent behavior. I would suggest that all involved retain all documents possible to include printing of all email correspondence as further evidence. The failure of our legal system does not need to be our failure.
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