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Cabinet Components - (aka Amateurs at cabinet making and customer service

Cabinet Components - (aka Amateurs at cabinet making and customer service
Cabinet Components - (aka Amateurs at cabinet making and customer service (aka provides poor quality parts and even worse customer support. I recently hired Cabinet Components to manufacture a custom cabinetry order. The design process went okay, but when the time came for manufacturing, their service and support fell apart. They seem to be nice people, but if product quality (or reliability and accountability) are of concern to you, you should steer clear and opt for a manufacturer that has some more experience, high quality standards, and better customer service. Some facts of the matter: 1. I was promised a delivery time of 10 days. They missed it completely. On day 19, I got half of the parts I had ordered (but instead of shipping all components in a given cabinet, I would get all the sides or all the backs"”whatever parts I got, I wasn't actually able to assemble a single cabinet, so getting the half shipment prior the rest of it was just a waste of a shipping fee. It's worth noting that the skid was not packed properly, so the whole order thing slid of the skid in the truck and there was LOT of damage. 2. When I did finally get "˜everything,' there were LOT of problems. For starters, they didn't include any of the required screws. And since the confirmat screws are not available at every local hardware store, this turned out to be a big issue. They did eventually send the screws (the sent about 10x the number of screws I needed. I don't think they had any idea how many screws were required, so they figured they'd just send way too many. This points to their inexperience with confirmat construction. Confirmat screw issues aside, we were still missing a few parts, had a few extra parts that had no place in our order, and again, more damage in shipping. 3. We had ordered pre-finished exteriors. The stained stuff came out okay for the most part, but most of the painted stuff was too thin"”like it needed another coat or two. You could still see the wood grain through the paint. 4. As part of our order, we had specified some third-party cabinet parts (rev-a-shelf type of stuff, blum hardware, etc.) There were a lot of problems with this aspect of the order as well. Some of the rev-a-shelf components were simply the wrong product. With the blum hardware, they simply didn't count right. We ended up with too much hardware (which they charged us for and never accepted for return.) For the rev-a-shelf stuff that they had misordered, they charged us for the return shipping and restocking fee, even though it was their mistake. 5. Despite the CAD drawings of all the materials, they mis-cut a big chunk of the order (in some cases, cabinets were 10" too short.) Because the order came so late and my crew was already past a deadline, we didn't have time for them to manufacture and finish new cabinets, so we had to do our own custom build work on-site. CabinentComponents apologized for all of the above and promised that we would "˜square away' once the dust settled. I took them at their word and incurred significant labor and material costs out of pocket so that we could get the job done. And when the dust finally did settle, they obviously did not make things right (or I wouldn't be posting this.) In fairness to them, they did offer about a 15% discount, but 15% didn't even come close to covering my out-of-pocket costs for time, labor, materials, and a penalty I had to pay for missing a client deadline. It's worth noting that I specifically asked them not to charge my credit card until we worked this out, but they did anyway. Again, they seem to be nice people. And while they talked a good game about making things right, when it came down to it, they didn't. They were not willing to stand behind their products or workmanship, the fraudulently charged my credit card, and above all, I just don't think they quite have the experience when it comes to custom orders. The delays, miscuts, and order screw ups all point to this being a fairly amateur operation when it comes to custom cabinetry. I would advise anyone that needs the job done right the first time to look elsewhere.
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