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Same thing happened to me with USAA....We just moved to Montana...I was told that I would not be able to renew my policy because of a Bankruptcy three years ago....Makes not sense because I have changed the policy before and had no problems. I am very dissappointed and...
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They market to the military because they are leaches. Consider the best intentions of any company who makes their living off of service members.

They like these customers for the same reason any greedy organization loves the military, guaranteed paychecks. It is a god forsaken awful company, sorry and their customer service to us has been dreadful. Some people love them, we did too, until we actually needed them and then their true colors came through. We have been loyal for over 10 years, only filed two insurance claims and were put through *** each time.

They paid one and denied the other, even though they were minor claims. We have three (3) homeowners policies through them and two (2) vehicles. Our combined claims in over ten years has been less than $10,000. They denied us for one claim because the adjuster could not find the little code for the extra inclusion which we had paid for and after 4 months, calling them 3 times per week, going all the way up the chain of command, a top manager read the policy and said "oh yes, you do have coverage for that, sorry we overlooked it".

And now we have filed a homeowners claim for copper vandalism, despite the fact that it was owner occupied, under serious renovation or construction, they claim that because there is no furniture in the house and no renter in place as it is a 'renters policy' it is considered 'vacant' according to their understanding of the term, their definition of which they will not share with you.

So if you have a rental house and it sits empty for longer than 60 days and you think you have the peace of mind that you are covered against vandals, YOU ARE NOT. Even though our house was not vacant, they still claimed it as such and refused to pay.

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