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Alexis Assadi - He calls himself the next Buffet

I stumbled on this guy's site and then did a bit more research on him. I liked the idea of passive income, but was interested in seeing what he would be offering. I emailed and within minutes (nevermind the fact being based in New Zealand on the other side of the world) i got a response saying congratulations, I had been earmarked as an ideal candidate to join his special focussed mentorship program at the bargain price of $1,500! what a great deal Sarcastic i had a few email chats with his colleague Chris Hayre (searched him on Linkedin and found nothing, which is strange considering he is meant to be a business partner to "The Next Warren Buffet") and he suggested i make monthly payments of USD$51.45 to Younes Capital and that I could get a refund within 3 months if i didnt like what they were selling, so i figured hmm, worth a crack. after realising that what he was doing was merely regurgitating and repackaging the Robert KIyosaki's books i decided to dig a bit deeper. the guy in question operates through a few different companies, Assadi Gloval Ventures, Pacific Coast Capital, Younes Capital, all of which have little to no online presence, which is strange for companies owned and or operated by the so called "Next Warren Buffet" after deciding to opt out of giving these guys my money within the first 3 months, his business partner/assistant/mate/receptionist/secretary/co-owner (not really sure where he falls in), Chris Hayre decided that i wouldn't be receiving my USD$150 refund because i hadnt received a phone call even though i had even though my time was limited due to being on the other side of the world and being in a banking career. anyways, i would like to leave anyone considering to give this guy your money to become rich (because when you analyze it, Rich at 26, is just another way to say Get Rich Quick, without actually using those reputation killing, taboo words) something to think about. According to Businessinsider there are 1,500 billionaires in the world (Warren Buffet being one of them), and not a single one of them sells get rich mentorship programs and "Get Rich Quick", sorry, "Rich at 26" books for USD$1,500 to the public. infact, im also almost willing to bet that even out of the 36,000,000 millionaires in the world, not a single credible one got there through selling a Get Rich Quick program for $1,500. I'm all for people teaching other people stuff, but to call yourself the next Warren Buffet and then selling a program is just ridiculous.
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people to know that this guy isnt really selling what they think he is, and as someone with a financial and investment background, am against him bringing the industry to disrepute.