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Ashley Furniture delivers more than just furniture.

Back in June my husband and I purchased around $5,000 worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture (at the Brentwood location) for our new house that we were building. We purchased a new bed, mattress and box springs, nightstand, kitchen table and 4 chairs, and another table and 5 chairs. The first issue happened when we were looking over our final receipt at home to make sure everything was rung up correctly. That is where we found that the sales person forgot to ring up our bed (head board and foot board, which really was not that big of a deal) and the mattress we purchased had the wrong purchase price listed. That day there was a promotion on mattresses. If you purchased a mattress and box spring you got $200 off. Well our mattress was $1599 before the promotion and it should have been $1399, and so we are off as a family back to the store to have this corrected. We get there and ask for the sales person who rang this up to have him correct this and ring up the bed that he forgot. After an hour we walk out with a new sales receipt showing a mattress for $1399 and the bed included. So at this point we think everything is okay. Delivery day comes with a bang. Since I had several deliveries that day along with representatives from different utilities over I keep the front door open most of the day. Ashley Furniture delivery people made their presence known by walking straight through the front door ignoring me as I was telling them hello, walked through the house like the owned the place and stopped in the Great Room with his hands on his hips and asked me rudely where I wanted the furniture. I know I should have remembered all the furniture that I had purchased but since it had been a few months I couldn’t remember. (I also had other furniture being delivered that day so I couldn’t remember everything. I had a lot going on along with keeping up with my 2 year old and a newborn.) When I asked what the furniture was they started quizzing me on why I couldn’t remember $5,000 worth of furniture and also questioned me on how I could pay x-amount for the different pieces I did purchased and how could anybody pay $250 for a chair. I thought that was rude but didn’t say anything until my husband caught one of them urinating in our driveway. Still we didn’t say anything. The following night when my husband and I are crawling into bed we notice that they delivered the wrong mattress. (We didn’t notice it the day before because delivery people were missing the bolts to put the bed together and had to come back the following day.) It turns out that the Sales person fixed the problem himself by ringing up a mattress that was $200 less instead of getting his manager to correct the sales price for the mattress we really did order. I go to the store manager, Robert. He was great in correcting the mattress but never did offer anything for the lies, cover-ups, and the *** in my driveway other than a “sorry”. Okay, you’re thinking how can this get worse. Well we noticed 3 weeks after we get the furniture that we haven’t received our bill. (They also had a promotion on financing which we took advantage of.) I called the store and they sent me to CitiFinancial. This is where I found out that the store started billing process one month (funded the transaction on Sept 12, 2007) before I received the furniture (Oct 19,2007). We were told that billing starts the day you receive the furniture. So CitiFiancial sent an invoice to our new house that was being built that we didn’t even own yet…we didn’t even have a mailbox until the day after we closed. The invoice was sent back and then they sent a new invoice to our old house that we hadn’t lived at for almost a year. By the time I found out what was happening they were days away from turning it into the credit bureau. I went to the manager Robert once again stating my frustration over the whole ordeal. At this time I stated that we had purchase an extra 5-year protection plan in the amount of $249 for our furniture and we wanted that back. We were told once again by their trusty sales person that if you don’t use it you could turn it in and get your money back. At this point I’m being told that I could only get it as a store credit and not cash. Now I ask you why would I want to give them my $250 that I was told would be mine. Robert the store manager says he will have to go to his regional manager for the final okay to get my money back but states that it shouldn’t be a problem and that I should get it back after all of these problems. This afternoon I got my answer from Johnny Hunter the regional manager and it wasn’t pretty. He stated that, “Why would I want to give her her $250 back if I can’t keep her as a customer?” That is just wrong. I might have gone back to Ashley furniture in a few years but now that I see how he feels for me as a customer. Why should I?
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Your story along with others listed convinced me to not buy any ashley products. I am sorry you had your experiance, but thank you for the warning. Best of luck for yor future.

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