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Poor service at mcdonalds... whats new?

to the mcdonalds in acworth, ga on baker rd... the next time i come there and get poor service by some trailer park redneck too worried about texting you "baby daddy" instead of giving me my fu***ng meal ill be sure you get a mcnugget in your *** that goes for the midget, and especially the *** ni***r *** with the green teeth. i must say, how hard is your job ? you just give me what i ask for and thats it. why do the dumbest people in the world serve us food? why does it seem like a ugly convention at mcdonalds? you people are ruiningthe reputaion of all the nice, clean, and decent people that work in fast food. in closing, do us all a favor. brush your teeth, comb the nappy out of your hair, take a shower (thats how the rest of us look clean), and go back to tricking your self out at the back side of the liquor store, its all your qualified to do.
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We work dead end jobs and don't give a *** and nobody has any pride in serving your f@t *** food. Also blacks and mexicans aren't the *** of the earth this *** country was built on a combination of many *** races.


sometimes i have the same problem with people at McD's, they look like they just roll out of bed (skip the shower) and come to work, no pride in their job when they should have some, lucky them they have a job in this economy!

and please wash your uniform or get more than one because i have seen some nasty, dirty, food covered, and stained uniforms like they don't bother to wash them or don't have another pair.

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Acworth, Georgia