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Genie True Lift Comfort - They are deceptive

Genie True Lift Comfort - They are deceptive
Genie True Lift Comfort - They are deceptive
Update by user Jun 19, 2020

The company refunded my full purchase price for the items. They refuse to refund the cost of returning the items to them.

It says they pay the return shipping in the ad (two locations - see attachments). We are going to file a complaint with the State Attorney General's office for deceptive advertising.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2020
I placed an order for 6 of the Genie TLC bras for my wife. There was no mention of padding on their ad. They also say in their ad that they pay shipping both ways if you return them. I called customer service to get a pre-paid shipping label. I was told that they do not pay return shipping. I told the representative that it is in print on their ad. She refused to issue a shipping ticket. It cost me $15.30 to return these items. It has been 20 days since I returned the items. The tracking number shows that they received the shipment. When I call them (after being on hold for 57 minutes), I was told that they do not show that they have not received the shipment. I told her that the tracking shows that they have received the shipment. I was told that I have to show proof that they received the items. I offered to give her the tracking number. She said I must email the proof. I have emailed them twice and called three times with all of the information they keep asking for. Still no refund. Here we are 30 days later and still no refund. The company has promised in writing that they are refunding the shipping fees. Although their policy was in writing and they refused to pay the shipping. It is a wait and see situation. Our concern is how many others have they done this to.

User's recommendation: Steer clear of this company.

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Furniture Fixology - Not Honest or Honest

Update by user Jul 04, 2019

After listing my complaint on this site, Facebook, Google and Yelp. Furniture Fixology contacted me and paid the debt.

Original review posted by user Jul 03, 2019
We had Furniture Fixology refinish our leather furniture. We should have known that something was not right when the prep work was not sufficiently done. All they did was wipe it down with alcohol. We asked them if this was sufficient and they said that they were using a new process and this is what it called for. They are the professionals, so I took their word that they knew what they were doing. Once they were done refinishing the four pieces, we had some concerns with how shiny it was. They said it would tone down after a little time. Well, it did not tone down. Instead all the die started coming off within four months. We contacted them immediately. They schedule to come out and redo it. They came out, but they only touched up the problem areas (many). They said that the manufacturer of this new product had them prep a little differently this time. We still had concerns because they did not refinish all of the surfaces. They said it is guaranteed. Again, we thought, they are the professionals. Within four more months we started having the same problems. They wanted to come out and repair the furniture again. We told them no thank you. We were going to have another company refinish the furniture. We negotiated with them and they agreed to reimburse us $1,200.00 (approximately half of our original cost) for our problems. They asked if they could make payments and we agreed. They made their first payment in August of 2018. They have not made a payment since March of 2019. We have emailed them, text them and called them to leave messages. They have ignored all of our correspondence. We are not the type to give up. We are about to file a claim with the court for the balance of what they agreed to, plus all of our expenses and fees. Once we have a court order for payment, we will file a judgement and take any needed action. We have seen that others are having the same problems with the refinishing of their leather furniture that Furniture Fixology has refinished. We thought others would want to know the type of company and people you are dealing with (family owed business). We definitely would not recommend that you deal with them for Leather Furniture refinishing.
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