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Thermal Construction Windows - Installed wrong style replacement windows six months ago, not responding to inquiries

This is regarding non-existant customer service from Thermal Construction Windows in Des Plaines, IL. The wrong style of replacement windows were ordered by the company. The installers said it happens all the time - they proceeded to install the wrong windows in March, 2010 and said they would advise the salesman/office manager. Weeks went by and there was no contact from anyone, when we called we were told we would be called "tomorrow" - that never happened. Finally, in mid-May 2010, we were asked to come to the showroom to select the correct window style - we were inconvenienced by making the trip (we are elderly and the Mrs. is in a wheel chair)-we feel this could have been handled over the phone since the original written order was correct, the original order was placed incorrectly. We were led to believe the new order would be placed either that same day or the next. Again, weeks led to months and no word or status was ever given to us. On August 30, we called to check the status and was told the owner would call us back "tomorrow", when we pressed for information, the office manager said she had another call on the other line - we advised we would wait for her to conclude that call to finish with our questions, she restated we would get a call back the next day and hung up on us. Needless to say, there wasn't a call back the next day. We called Sept. 1, were told the owner has been out town for a few weeks, is checking on something about our order and would call back. We called Sept. 2 and left a message demanding resolution - again no courtesy of a response. Phone tag is so much fun, we tried again and were told the owner would be back after Labor Day. Its after Labor Day and no calls! Mary (the office manager of one-herself) should go by "the artful dodger", she claims to know nothing but clearly is very clever with inventing excuses and lying. We wonder how a business owner can go somewhere for a few weeks during what one would think is their busiest time of year!? Their website is "down" so tht clearly a bill they haven't paid. Luckily we haven't made full payment but outstanding recievables isn't an incentive to correct their wrongs. All we want is the correct window style installed and a credit for having to deal with this fiasco.
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Siding 1 Windows 1 Exteriors is where Jim Johnsen is doing business now. Be careful, Chicago! We do not want you to have to go through what we did


can he still do work in IL?


I also ordered windows and a patio door from Thermal Construction Windows in August 2010. I was promised windows in six weeks; it took three months.

And I received the windows after my lawyer wrote a letter.

Now, one year later, one of the windows does not close and the patio screen is off the track. I have been trying to contact Jim Johnson since July without a reply.


Please email me on thermalfraud@***.com of you want to join me in your complaint, or are intrested in filing a collective lawsuit. I think the more people can join, it would make a diffrence sooner.


Harrased Customer - I sent you an email with the additional info I have. My understanding is today's meeting is a meeting of all of the Ace owners, not necessarily a meeting open to the public. See my email to your gmail account also.


Please let me know the whereabouts and time of the ACE store owners meeting if anyone has any clue about it. We would like to go and attend it if possible. I am talking about the meeting which someone posted about in this forum.


"don't deal with thermal constr" wrote about a meeting between ACE owners where this case will be discussed. If anyone has more information about the whereabouts or the timing of this meeting please let me know or post it here.

You can contact me at thermalfraud@***.com . Any help or information would be much appreciated.


Hi everyone,

We are sick and tired of Jim Johnson and his tactics and have decided to something about it.

We have filed a complaint with the State Attorney general. I would like to know who amongst you would be ready to come and give a testimony against Thermal constructions in court. This would also help you to get your money back. Email me at thermalfraud@***.com. I will let you know once an attorney contacts us and we can go against him.


Everyone, PLEASE contact the Owner of your Ace where you met Thermal Construction. Ace Hardware is NOT aware that Jim Johnsen is taking money from customers and providing no service.

Ace continues to allow Thermal Construction to be present in Chicagoland stores.

There is a Chicagoland Ace Owners meeting on Friday, January 28th where this will be discussed. Jim Johnsen is refusing to return our money after months and months of absolutely no progress on our window replacement.


Do not purchase or deal with Jim/James Johnson. Scam artists.

Will not the windows you ordered. Will not refund your money.

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