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Why is it that the Hammond La. McDonald's location on Wardline Rd NEVER knows how to make a PLAIN iced coffee? I am told constantly I HAVE to add some flavoring like vanilla, hazelnut, etc. And, low and behold you say you want no ice!!!! Their iced coffee is already made to be iced coffee so if you don't want ice they don't need to add it. It just won't come out as cold without it. It's a personal choice. So, when I go to this *** Hammond La. location I am forced to get a vanilla flavored iced coffee and if I ask for a plain one with no ice I get an old lukewarm cup of black coffee out of their automatic drip coffee pot... Employees there have nothing upstairs, let me tell you.....
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It is a troll, the only troll on here is you fiddles. No one but you are posting under your username.

You just don't have the balls to admit this. Probably because someone is too busy sucking them.


See? That's not me.

Eat a big juicy terd sandwich you juvenile punks! I'm gonna go wash my pagina with a vanilla(Yuck!Flavor!) iced coffee from Mcdonalds.


Aww...they bleeped it out. Anyway, it rhymes with 'pagina'. Big crusty pagina.


Like the *** balls comment, for example. Everyone knows i have a large, smelly, gaping ***. Duh.


branchmomma, I believe it is more to do with the employees that work there than a rule with Mcdonalds. When I go to other locations I usually don't have this issue.

And, their iced coffee is excellent. I like it plain with just the syrup sugar and cream that comes in it. It is premium coffee. I ask for no ice because I don't like it to get watery once the ice melts.

Plus, you know how restaurants are infamous for adding more ice than the actual drink you are purchasing. By the way, some troll is on my post here using my name without caps.

I would never type such idiotic comments as are on here. I have reported them.


Thanks for the heads up on McDonalds Iced coffee. I almost bought it the other day, it looked good. I just wonder if it a McDonald's rule or not, because I am only a state away from you, (Texas)


Trevor is right. You would have to 'present your balls' for an individual to be able to suck them. Very childish comment.


Sometimes, when i get sad and lonely, i like to shove a spicy chicken sandwich in my pants.


You are also the same poster as Tory Angry Kelly. So is Trevor, and you the new poster.


Good one Trevor.

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