Richard G Hyb
map-marker Roy, Utah

Complaint against Uber

I was charged for right I did not receive and driver with arrogant ignorant and with a raised voice over the phone would not listen to what I was trying to tell him nor did he understand all he did was sit there and tried to tell me that I was doing everything wrong and yelling at me as the customer I am very fed up with your customer service I'm fed up with your drivers and I am more of a long line fed up with your company I will no longer use you guys again and if you do not return my money to my account I will in fact report this to the police and I will press charges against the driver your company and anybody else that I may have to involve until my money is returned from your establishment I suggest suggest you get to the post haste and handle this in a timely matter because I won't give you more than 72 hours to resolve this to have my money back thank you for your time and consideration in this mess reading this message please get on this immediately as we can get this resolved and we don't have to involve the authorities have a nice night.
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Preferred solution: Full refund