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Disqus - Inti and HIS sockpuppets

Why does Disqus allowed this *** to terrorize everyone and blame HIS problems on the world when HE is the one taking crap about everyone HE doesn't like. This *** CANNOT ban anyone for the reasons of "idon't like you" or "I don't like your opinion" or "One of my...
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I am inti and I am a woman. I never mistreated others, the one who was bullied was I, and someone, unknown to me who saw the persisting harassment against me, decided to give a lesson to the Bullies, and the Bullies, went to cry to Disqus and the New Owners of Disqus.

Disqus, then knew who was who, and they never penalised me because they were smart, and did their job. The New Owners, didn't know better except than to protect their business and I don't. Too many users, abusers and Bullies in Disqus. So please Bullies, you were defeated, your filthy battle was lost and with good reason.

I hope you learned a good lesson. Adios.

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Reason of review
Letting people NOT follow the rules
Preferred solution
Ban some of these crybabies.