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Fairway Market - A good service will motivate the client to be loyal and return to business

I consider myself a client of Fairway, it does not have the best prices, but if true that the market carry products that are of good quality, and have variety, other supermarkets do not have them, or are much more expensive. I had good experiences of customer service in the branches of the Upper West Side and Harlem, today July 27,2018 ,I did my shopping in the branch of 542-580 of Second Avenue , NYC, and it was very unpleasant to waste my time with part of their staff. The big loss of time was when the cashier Nathalia ignored the products and asked other cashiers, including the product manager and the manager of the branch Araceli, none of them distinguished string beans of snow peas, or fava beans, confused escarole with spinach, the worst thing that they chose the most expensive product to replace the price of the products they did not know. I lost time it was irritating, the company should employ people with knowledge of the vegetables or train them properly, a list with names, is not enough because the names do not have pictures so they can distinguish the product. Although I tried to explain to them, I had to go and look for the price with the name on the shelf so that they would realize that I was talking, Still, they insisted that I was wrong, instead to be open and learn. The manager of the product area was very disrespectful, he didn't know either, he did not give me his name and when I asked for the presence of the branch manager ,Araceli said that she was the manager, I saw her working as a cashier, I think it is an inappropriate strategy that works as a cashier and in the same time being a branch manager, since she does not have time to cover her two roles properly, and definitely lacks knowledge of the products, and leadership. Training, respect for the client, admit that we are wrong when we are and apologize, produce good service. Is it so easy to get a job that does not interest them to keep it, to make a career, to be recognized for its effectiveness? that little self-love and pride for having a job. The employees who were restocking the shelves were very attentive and there were changes, in the market, however every time I asked for guidance on a product they indicated the correct location. Unfortunately, often when I go to the supermarket I have to train the employees, at my cost of time and energy, because if I do not do that I lose money, and they go by like flies.
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Delta Airlines - They should return my money

Update by user Jul 29, 2018

On the trip from NYC to Berlin in the seat there was a chewing gum, and it stuck in my pants (new) I had to throw it away, unfortunately I did not take a picture, I would have the situation documented, my husband was a witness. Note is a missed spelling. Correction of the error in the word fly, it is flight, the same correction for flight attendant

Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2018
Delta review I absolutely did not recommend Delta, every time I called there was no less than half an hour of waiting. I had a membership with points for some domestic trips, I just wanted to change part of my name, since I got divorced, the customer service asked me ,to send by fax a photocopy of my passport, it is illegal to make copies of personal documents. This information is crucial to steal identities and falsify documents, currently corporations are giving training on how to manage this type of information. I had to make a new membership Delta did not recognize the accumulated points. This single signal should have been enough to not use this Delta, but my daughter had given me the ticket. In July of this year( 2018), I traveled to Berlin, to begin, you cannot trust the availability of seats offered online, among the regular seats only publish the price of the less attractive and the others are reserved or are more expensive, then I saw many empty seats on the plane, some of which I would have liked to use it, they were unavailable online when I booked my fly. The night before fly to NYC, Delta keep send me message to check in and I couldn't. I had serious problems and every time I called customer services, there was a one hour wait, finally after midnight, they called me back, to tell me that they did not know what the solution to my problem was. It is an attack of surveys, when the service is not complete, for that they are efficient, they want you feed back before they services is complete, that was very suspicious. At the Berlin airport, again nobody gave me an explanation of why I couldn't check in with my phone, Delta shared the office with other airlines, Delta opened the service with little time before departure time, it was chaos, fly attendant were rude, arrogant, the Delta clerk didn't greeting us, or said good morning , he didn't make eye contact, they mocking me, after that they forgot to inform the passengers the order of sections to board the plane, it was very slow. The finishing golden touch of my stay was a wild handling of the customs clerk, she assault me , her touching was inappropriate, after I pass the metal detector with no alarm's on me, she check on me as if I was a delinquent, in front of all passengers, when I complain about their treatment , she answer that they did because Delta chose me, and what Delta ask her to do it, she said " you can complaint to them", I felt and informed them It was discriminative. I am 65 years old woman who look at my age ,with disabilities, they are not noticeable, however I had health problems, she stress the hells of out me, I was sobbing, nobody come to asked me what happen. For those who are interested to know, they found nothing inappropriate or illegal in my suitcase or in me. On board the fly attendant were chatting on the back, instead of being attentive to the service, and the menu items were not available, the fly attendant found it funny that they did not serve decaffeinated coffee and they did not have some the soda drinks, listed in the menu. She referred to decaffeinated coffee in a derogatory way, said it was disgusting. I don't think that Starbuck will agree with that, it were Starbucks paper cups. The computers in the back of the seats did not work, I had to wait till Delta crew re set them. The compartment for my luggage was occupied by airline boxes, I had o keep my luggage far away from me. Regarding the food the only nice thing were the European products, cheeses and crackers, the rest smelled unpleasant I did not eat. The fly attendant did not give me a whole soda, it's a miserable attitude, was disregarded ,over all because the Delta fly attendant took so long to come back to my area.No tag name sorry! Delta need to improve everything. Pilots training, the sanitation department in NYC has better drivers, fly attendant customer services, to slow, to fake smile, they are arrogant, food is horrible, information about check in clerk location and schedule, does not exist, honesty when we book a seat, what it is available and space for a traveler luggage, and definitely, hygiene and sanitation of the airplane, it was disgusting, the smell of urine and vomit invaded the cabin every time a passenger opened the bathroom door. I explain in detail about the service and the fly attendants, the food and the hygiene, I want to add that the pilots were a disaster when we landing in Berlin (TXL) the plane bounced on the runway like a ball, and when we landed in NYC (JFK), the plane sighed as if the driver was drunk and I never saw the faces of the pilots either in my way to Berlin or back, the information was poor and the translation for the German passengers insignificant, is a lack of respect. In all my trips to Europe and recently visit Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Finland, with Finnair airlines, I hadn't this kind of outrage, I will never use Delta. They should return my money.I WILL KEEP AWAY FROM DELTA AS IF THEY WERE THE PLAGUE.
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File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and don't allow them to wear you down. When they offer you an apology and a $300.00 voucher or gift card, don't take it. Keep pursuing the BBB complaint, perhaps going to social media or a news outlet might encourage Delta to exhibit better customer service and a more reasonable resolution.


Omg another person who’s complaining and now willing to take their own responsibility


Sarcasm is not necessary, especially coming from someone anonymous, it is not cordial, nor is it polite.Lack of manners. What is your collaboration?


"EnragedSwallowtail " Deflector shields up. Wasting time talking about an anonymous default moniker ranks up there with you must work for (insert company) when someone makes a comment you don't agree with.

Your cut little moniker is clearly not your name.

If you want to go there, please post your response with your real name. To the original complaint, please stay home and try not to wreck other folk's day with your banal nonsense.

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