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Content Development Pros #1521806
This was on the 5th after much trouble:Content Development ProsJul 5to me, salesHi Eric,I do apologize for all the trouble you faced while working with us. We've processed the refund as per your request.Thanks--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is From Content Development Clowns on July 6th 2018 ,Content Development ProsJul 6 (13 days ago)to Beeco, sales, meThanks for sending an email. We're refunding you the amount charged for the product description order including those 2-articles and on the back-linking project.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is yet another lie thy told on the 9th of July, On Monday, July 9, 2018, 11:28:40 AM PDT, Content Development Pros wrote:This email is to inform you that you will receive your refund within next 24-48 hours. It will appear on your end accordingly.Regards,Matthew Smith----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So on July 18, 2018 I can prove they totally lied and no issue was refunded and then they tried to bribe us, read this email:Content Development Pros4:50 P...
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