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Air Compressors Direct - Compressor Direct Has Riped Me Off

Hi,my name is ryan,last year my mom and i bought a new air compressor for my father for christmas in november,so it was a suprise,we ordered from air compressors direct,sounded like a good deal and there prices were awsome,so we paid with credit card and sent the order,so that is the great part,now the air compressor took awhile to get to my job,were i could unload it,when it should up the driver of the truck company had explained that he was in a hurry and had to get this off his truck asap,but at the same time i was at work and on the clock and it was freezing outside and i had to inspect the unit for any damage?yeah so ripped alittle plastic away from carton and everything looked ok,saw a few of the metal fins on the belt guard a little bent and said to the driver about it,he said let me see,looks like a screw driver will fix that,he asked if i wanted to report it or just take care of it myself,so with christmas just three weeks away,i told him dont worry about it we will fix,if this is no big deal,well after christmas morning,my father wants to hook up his new compressor,we repaired the bent wire on the belt guard and hooked up,and the compressor made a loud clung noise and that was it,now i moved this unit off the trucking company truck and to my house were it was stored until christmas and i has 4 guys not including myself load this on a low boy trailer,and then it sat on the trailer until christmas in the garage covered,so it didnt fall,nothingn hit it will sitting and waiting for christmas! So heres the good part AKA the ripp off,the compressor pump was extremely damaged and the internal bearings were destroyed,the repair shop said it looks like a forklift had hit it right into the area were the pulley is,and looked like someone put alittle paint there to hide,now looking at this quickly at work and not having anywere to hook this up till christmas,how is someone supposed to know that this had issues,the truck driver assured me that if there was any issues that compressors direct would make good on there items,yeah right! Here we are heading into sept 2010 and nothing has happened,my father has called compressors direct and they will not do anything for them,they are blaming it on they shipper and the shipper is blaming it on them,like children,nice way to do business,this still doesnt fix the compressor! They compressor direct then tells my father he can pay the shipping and repair charges which will be well over 1300.00 dollars,well we paid that much for that pile of scrap steel,so were does a company come from like this and why does the unit come with a sticker on the side of it saying 1year warrenty and why did the trucker/trucking company tell me they will make good on any issues the unit may have? I dont lie and dont like being lied to,these businesses need to grow up and resolve there childish issues between themselves and take care of there customers! So to make a long stroy short DONT BUY FrOM COMPRESSORS DIRECT!!!!!!!if you do you will be sorry,the two to three hundred you save will be your worst investment,my father got for christmas last year a 1300.00 dollar pile of garbage scrap steel thats worth 75.00 at the junkyard,THANKS COMPRSESSORS DIRECT, maybe the little people like my family and the others your business has ripped off will maybe then get some sleep at night. I will do as many of these reviews as i can time permiting and i hope this helps anyone looking to get a real compressor,this year im buying my father one from sears,were i will get treated like a customer and if there are issues they will take of them,and this compressor is 1 horse power less with 5 gallon smaller tank for same price delivered to my home with no shipping charges,something to think about! Remember Compressor Direct its the little people that keep your business going,nobody calls your phone to order and then what?????????? Sincerely,R.R. ONE PISSED OFF CUSTOMER!!
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