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Alexis Assadi - Just be careful as they're quite crafty

some of the advice provided is pretty good, however its hardly revolutionary. invest in assets, buy income, invest in property. its just a reshuffle of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad series a decade later. they charge something like $7 to read one of the bits on the site, teaches you high school investments technology, but thats fine as not everyone has the investment knowledge so this helps. they they sell you a $1,500 membership as the next step. they suggested $49 +tax a month and offer a 3 month guarantee to prove that they're "legitimate" . from personal experience i would argue against paying $1,500 to learn how to earn a passive income (you can youtube all of this for free if you are really starting from zero knowledge). dont buy into the legitimacy through their 90 day money back guarantee as they insert clauses which they control (such as you must have had a phone call with Alexis before) but he will not respond to your requests for a phone call for the first 3 months due to "family committments" which essentially means there is no 90 day money back guarantee. he's probably made a fair bit off passive investments, but i would say his money largely comes from selling his book and his website mentorship program which means that unless he is advising you to set up a site where you sell your services to people and write a book then its not entirely honest
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Chunprete changed his name because customers did not want to deal with him anymore due to his rude attitude and misleading sales tactics


Alexis and his staff have no class or integrity and are only in it for the money they can scam from people who are tricked into buying anything from them!


Chris Hayre is Chunprete Hayre- yet another scam by Alexis


Total waste of money-he learned from Darren Weeks who convinced thousands of people to invest in his ideas only to lose all their money while Darren got rich!!


Total scam artist - Chris Hayre is actually his former employee from Fast Track - Chunprete Hayre! Lost all respect for both when they purchased company from Darren Weeks and treated both employees and customers poorly!!!

@Former employee

I’m wondering why Chunprete changed his name to Chris? The guy’s rude and has no class.


Thanks for your feedback. Can you please forward me your email request for a phone call?

If I missed it, I would be happy to refund you right away.Also, for clarity, my mentorship program is not a profitable business (yet). I also wrote my book 5 years ago and have since offered it for free.

@Alexis Assadi

sorry mate, but you just dont come across as a trustworthy person. after having dealt with you and your associate, i just dont get a good feeling about you. anyways, all the best with your business of making people rich through selling them stuff.

@Alexis Assadi

business models like yours are predatory and take advantage of those who are desperate to become rich and will be willing to transfer $1,500 of their hard earned dollars to your bank account in the hope that you will teach them something. not sure what differentiates you from every other "give me your money and i'll make you rich" internet predator out there

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