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Abacus Plumbing Ltd or Abacus Plumbing and Heating Calgary Untrustworthy

Called these guys and spoke to Rob Bridger, after another "plumber" from another company came and installed our water softener too close to our breaker circuit box (fire hazard/against code) and the softener also flooded our basement floor. Rob was very nice at the time and offered to come fix the problems for us right away (after hours for an extra emerg fee). Since we had lost a lot of money already, we instead made an apt for a week later (for him to come tonight). He knew we had been ripped off by the last guy, suffered damage to our basement from the flooding, and had been overcharged. He was supposed to show up at 6 pm. We waited until 6:30, then called to confirm he was still coming. Left messages on both numbers (including his voice mail) and he was a no show and never called us back. This is a company with "24 hour" service - so the message has been received. Don't know why he was a no show, don't care. Any company that is a no show and a no callback after knowing we'd already been ripped off and were looking for a trustwothy company, isn't one I would recommend anyone calling or hiring! If you can't trust these jokers to even show up or return your calls from a 24 hour "emerg line" then that already says they are an untrustworthy company. God forbid you do have an emerg after they have done work for you and you try getting a hold of them. I also happened to find this other complaint about them tonight on another website ( so I would seriously recommend you have a look at that also and then look for someone else for your needs - NOT Abacus Plumbing Ltd (or their other name for the same company in Calgary) which is Abacus Plumbing and Heating.
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I would not recommend Abacus Plumbing. Their service is not reliable.

I called and scheduled an appointment for a gas line issue several days prior to the appointment. I was told a tech would arrive between 8-12 on Monday. They did not. When I called Abacus Plumbing to inquire where the tech was, I was then told my appointment had been bumped for a couple of other jobs!

I was placed on hold for extended periods of time and then the call was dropped by them.

I am furious to say the least! I will not be doing business with this company in the future.


Rob suffers from MS, could be extenuating circumstances,

I've had Rob from Abacus do a few jobs for me including an

emergency call and I was really pleased with the work, not

sure why your experience was poor.


Thanks for posting all of this guys! I really like all of the info its short sweet and simple.

Im moving and was looking for plumbing in calgary so that i could finish up my house. What would you guys recommend when looking for a plumber?


So you wouldn't use these guys again for any plumbing and heating, correct? I just want to make sure that if I do end up moving down from Calgary, that I don't fall into any traps.

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Scotts Turfbuilder Destroyed lawn!

Just used Scotts Turfbuilder with *** control last week on our lawn - which at the time was already pretty nice and green. We followed the instructions on the bag EXACTLY. Our lawn is now completely brown and burnt!! Really really mad. Wish we'd known about/read all the negative comments about this product on Scott's website before I had bought and tried it. Don't know if, or how I can fix my lawn now it is completely burnt :( Terrible product. Buyer beware and read all the negative reviews on their website and the internet before trying it - better yet just don't risk it!
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I'm having the exact same problem with Scott's quick fix or repair seed. After it's initial growth spurt it looks burnt or drys out far to too much, especially the larger patches.

It also is erradic as far as new growth rate.

Sometimes it takes as little as 3 days to start and others 2 weeks. The older Scott's grass gets the more rabidly it burns.

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Zerodraft Calgary - Zerodraft has completely unreliable/zero service.

Called the owner of Zerodraft to come install foam insulation and weatherstripping around our windows and doors which are extremely drafty. Was told to get an energy audit from Verdatech first (this would best show where house is leaking) and then to call back Zerodraft to make the apt for insulation. Had energy company come and do the audit, cost of $300. Called back Zerodraft and made a 10:00 am apt for the foam instalation/weatherproofing. I took the day off work with no pay to be home for the apt. 10:15 am, no one here. When I called them their repsonse was "oops we forgot" and "we'll be there at 12:00". Noon comes, nobody shows. Received a call to the effect of"...ummm, I just dont know if or when I can make it." I told the owner I had taken day off work with no pay to be here. Response was..."welll, can I come sometime later?" I was still VERY polite at this point (we are in dire need of having the work done so didn't want to lose him coming for the apt) and asked for a time frame - he said between 4 and 6 pm. I agreed to be home and asked him to please come as I really need the work done. He gave me his word. End of the story is that it's 9pm and he's a no-show. No call, nothing. So I was lied to, waited 12 hours, lost a day of pay, and spent $300 dollars to get - absolutely ZERO from this company. And this is the owner of the company that I was dealing with. Save yourself the headache and money by finding someone else to deal with for your insulation needs. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and it's May 2008.
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In the work they did for me I found them to be absolutely professional and clean and came in under budget, would highly recommend them



your all right!! Zero Draft Calgary has no concept on how to run a company I worked for them off and on and I have 10 years in the industry and have worked for some of the biggest out fits in Calgary.

So let me educate any one else who is thinking about getting them to do some residential work, first and for most DONT! They are dissorganized,well over priced and the also just uped there prices,unreliable as all there equipment is old and not maintained,The owner knows nothing about retro fit has never sprayed an attic even though he said he did lol! they lie to YOU, you will not get what you pay for they do have one guy right now who is good but if he goes lol be carefull!!!! also I hear they have some rookie who was a labour who knows nothing about insulation or retro fitting as there estimator..

LMFAO NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A ZERO DRAFT PROFETIONAL MOVE!! So its companies like this that has driven me to writing up my own business plan and give the customers out there what they need and nothing more plus I will prove my work as I have no reason to hide my work, And the prices will be so much better as I wont have all the overhead I will be licensed insured and bonded. I have been talking with investors and advisors and they are all for me being out there doing this for the home owners so I should be up and running soon.



andrew-it can easily take up to 5 hours to do the amount of work required for 1100 square feet,plus the vent,and foam sealing etc.

to the point:

i worked for them,the owner is a scam artist and put water in the foam rendering it useless by construction standards.the only reason this company is afloat is because a few people who do the work actually know what theyre doing!


Bad service!!!!


Zerodraft Calgary....Never will i call this company to do insulation....I asked for an R40 of insulation to be blown in to my attic and only got an R30 plus it took them 5 hours to blow 1100sf and left me with a mess!


Zerodraft Calgary is nothing but a headache and you don't get what you pay for at all!! :(


dear butterfly you re not alone this company is totally whorthless when it comes to service plus they over charge for eferything

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