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I am sure there are some good benefits to using Melaleuca, but the good didn't out way the bad in my situation. First off, I do not spend $50-$75 a month on personal and cleaning products. They wanted me to commit to an amount like that and it was not feasible for me...
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How is "color me green" working out?

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Melaleuca, not such a green company!!!

go to…-clearly-toxic/ and read my blog about Melaleuca. I was gonna join this company until I did more research on them. I was not impressed. If you are interested about living a more green life and are concerned about what we put into our bodies, on our bodies, and around our bodies go to the link I provided. I also have a facebook page that you can get to from my blog. I have become very passionate about living more green ever since I had my youngest child who is now 10 1/2 months.
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I think it is important to know that Melaleuca combines the best of science and nature. Melaleuca will not make a product unless it meets these 2 requirements: First, it does not

contain any harmful ingredients.

Second, the cost per use is less than the grocery store brands you are currently using.

Melaleuca has a documented 95% re-order rate, which says to me that the customer who shop at the store are

buying products they really like, the really need and at a really good price. 95% is an incredibly huge percentage.


Your observations are totally correct. The chemicals in the baby wash are some of the most harsh on the market.

Additionally a lot of what they use in their personal care products are used as commercial cleaners for such things as brakes for automobiles.

Try Shaklee products. The baby was is over 95% organic.

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