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Trilegiant - Liars charged my card after I asked them not to.

Update by user Nov 23, 2013

It turns out these thieves were charging my card for at least 18 months.

Original review posted by user Nov 23, 2013
Please do not do business with Trilegiant Corporation nor Choice Hotels Travel Club. They offered me a free $60 gas card if I joined their club for $1 for the first month. I could cancel withing 30 days and not get my credit card charged ever again. These *** never sent my the gas card so I cancelled within 30 days. One year later, after I stopped using my credit card for a couple of months I noticed that I kept getting a bill for $15.99. When looking through my statements for an entire year, I noticed that Trilegiant continued to charge my credit card every month for $15.99 after I specifically asked them to cancel my membership. I have never been so furious! I tried to contact them but it seems impossible. Now I've filed a dispute with my credit card company to stop payment. Please do not do any business and do not give this company any of your personal information. Trilegiant and Choice Hotels Travel Club are thieves! Their employees should be arrested and imprisoned!
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Noramtec Consultants - False Promises

Noramtec Consultants, through their employee Jamie, lured me from my employer with the promise of better pay and a specified time period contract. Then, after only 8 weeks, I was abruptly fired for being "over qualified." There was never any complaint on behalf of Noramtec or its client. There were rumors of employees being fired every month for no apparent reason but I didn't think I would be fired because of my work ethic and experience. When I was hired, an employee was fired. During my employment, another one was fired. Just as I finished my 8th week with Noramtec, I was fired. I wasn't fired at work. I was fired after I left work. Jamie called me on my phone to tell me that I was fired. When I demanded a reason why, Jamie could not give me a reason. I had no complaints from management, I had not been written up or given any warnings. On the contrary, I was given compliments from the supervisor for my work. Jamie's excuse was that I was "over qualified."
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Lotus Energy Group Eco Trans World

The owner of this company is a dangerous liar. This company advertises itself as a clean energy provider but according to the words of the owner himself, most of the time it runs diesel generators. I was hired by Eco Trans World in December of 2010. The owner, Stefan Amraly, interviewed me on the day that I went in to set up my tool box. The company got a hold of my resume either through Careerbuilder or Craigslist. He fed me all these wonderful stories about how great his other company, Lotus Energy Group, is. Eco Trans World is supposed to be the transportation part of Lotus Clean Energy. Stefan Amraly was friendly and very enthusiastic when he interviewed me and informed me that what he was looking for was a "work ethic." I am a trained and highly skilled worker and decided to settle for a decreased salary because the place looked like a good, clean work environment and I was looking for steady work. My biggest point with him as to why I had left my previous job was because my pay checks were not given to me in a timely manner. In short, this is what the owner fed me. According to him, I would be paid on time. Not true! From the very first pay period, he delayed payment to all of his employees, which at the time were 6. Then suddenly, 4 of those employees are fired. Later I would find out that they were not getting paid for their work. Then, Stefan, when he finally did pay me, told me that I couldn't yet cash my check. He offered me cash instead but I decided to wait until the check was cleared. I remained with this "company" because I needed steady work. Then I started to find out more about this man as his business partner began to inform me. Stefan Amraly may try to present himself to you in this manner. He will say that he graduated from Columbia University with an Avionics degree and a minor in Political Science. However, he never finished college. He will say that he managed the team that designed the online trading platform for Nasdaq. In reality, he worked as an IT tech on Wall Street. He will say that he pays $9,000 per year to trade with Bloomberg and as proof he has a "special" Bloomberg trading keyboard. The truth is, that he doesn't pay for a Bloomberg subscription, in fact, he obtained that keyboard from an almost empty office that he was renting on Wall Street. He lies about how he obtains his cars. He regularly operates his personal vehicles and company commercial tractors without inspection, insurance, and/or registration. He promised me a salary and then without notice switched me to 1099 and cut my pay. Then when I refused to work on his trucks because of non-payment, he fired me and then called the police on me claiming that I was stealing my own tool box! He physically threatened me and lost control of his conduct when I told him to go ahead and call the police, then after he calmed down, he begged me to stay a couple more weeks and then he would pay me the 3 weeks that he already owed me. In total Stefan Amraly stole from me $3000. He promised the cops that he would pay me within 10 days, but I never received any payment. This man is a thief and a liar and I war anyone who receives a call from this company to hang up and tell them to not call again. The company only had one driver remaining. The only reason he is still working with them is because he has a criminal record and no one else will take him. Stefan Amraly continually takes advantage of this driver (like making him pay for Diesel fuel out of his own pocket) because he knows that he, the driver, cannot find work anywhere else. Multiple individuals have tried taking this man to court with no success because he can make up anything he wants and it's a company's word against one person. Individuals have left very successful jobs with other big companies to work with Lotus Clean Energy or Eco Trans World because of the lies that Amraly has told them about how "successful" his company is. When Stefan Amraly hired me he told me about how Lotus Clean Energy was "all over the world." In truth, he only had one operation in Egypt. When Mubarek situation occurred in Egypt, his business was pretty much done. This was his only source of income and once he lost the contract there was no more income for the company. On the trucking side, a trucking company cannot possibly cover all expenses and have enough to pay it's drivers with only two trucks on the road. Anyone in the trucking industry will know this. Anyone who is thinking of using this company for shipping goods, know this: if another company offers more money for a load, Eco Trans World will cancel your load and take theirs. I witnessed this happening, head the warning. THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THE LIES THAT I FELL FOR. On the day that I was "fired" a new rookie driver was hired, but he had to work for free during his "training." When I asked his business partner why he didn't warn me and others when we were first hired and why he didn't warn the new driver, his reply was, "it's not my problem….let him figure it out for himself." It seems that worker exploitation occurs more than I thought in the United States. 2010 was a bad year for me. First Bankers Life and Casualty, then a non-paying trucking company in New Jersey, and then Lotus/ Eco Trans. If you have a steady job please think twice before leaving it for a shady company.
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19 Indian Pipe Drive

Quogue NY 11959






This is an old post but here is his latest branch info.

I was sent this info re an interview.

"Thank you for your interest in Lotus Expansion.

Your interview is set for Wednesday November 30th @ 10:00 AM.

Please bring a copy of your resume, and dress is business casual.

Our address is: 3469 Tennessee St. Suite #102 Vallejo, CA, 94591 Our Suite is located on the bottom floor of the building. When you walk into the building, go directly down the stairs. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely, Nika Elder Lotus Expansion 3469 Tennessee St. Suite #102 Vallejo, CA, 94591 (7**) **5 - 7277"


Does anyone know his adress?


can he be deported back to egypt?


If anyone is looking for him he can be found at 58 S. Service Road Suite 130, Melville, NY. That's where his new office is.


Stefan Amraly is a sneak and a liar. He lies about everything to the things he ownes, to him paying his employees.

Please don't believe anything he has to say because it's all ***. He owes me money to this day and always has some excuse on why he can't pay me.


If you have lost money as a result of dealing with this individual, please send me an e-mail and get on board the class action suit I am preparing: Richard.Cocchiaro@***.com

This person MUST be stopped!

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Bankers Life And Casualty Company - Corporate Thieves

I can't believe I fell for this scam. This company is sleezy and unprofessional. After they lure you into paying them hundreds of dollars, then you find out the truth about how it operates and how it continues to take your money. If you decide to leave, they will send a collection agency after you to take back everything you earned in commissions. If you sign a contract with them, you're practically giving them your life. From the beginning they lie to you and hide things from you. I am speaking from experience! Don't get robbed and don't end up owing them thousands of dollars. They WILL come after you for your money. Please listen to my words of advice. Stay away from Bankers Life and Casualties. Even their clients have no idea of the companies unethical business practices. This company should not be allowed to do business in any state.
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I have the feeling you're also Ghost Paul on the other commentary and I wrote this question for you. Awesome info, but do you know if there is a lawyer that is representing the victims of Bankers?

Personally, I hope every Banker's SOB is in the penn with Bernie Madoff, where they deserve to be!!


i´m happy to see that more people are doing their research before falling for this company´s scam. i wish i would have done my research but i´m glad that my experience can help others to be more cautious.


I think what i hate the most is that they make it seem like they are very professional asking to take business clothes and a copy of the resume.. I was also called for a meeting at 12:00 noon but am glad a researched it first! :) i will keep the job i have and not do *** for them!


I am only 19 and i was wondering why i didn't remember applying to them over monster. I am in college homeless and everything.

I am not going to pay them for training they said they pay us weekly at the group orientation interview. and called me back the next day for another interview.....

i don't think i should go tomorrow. I was told to look at the companies background and now i am glad I did.


bankers life and casualty is one of the wost companies you will ever come across. Don't work for them (especially in Georgia) Don't buy from them.


I am glad I researched this. They called me and I wondered how they had seen my resume when I don't recall ever applying to job. Also I know I have hardly any work experience to be doing the job so I wondered what motivated them to call me for an interview.


I got a call from Bankers and was asked to come in for an interview. They make it sound great to work there.

But after reading about the company, I have my resevations.

I don't think I'll pursue the company any further. Thanks for the heads up.


Someone called me in for an interview to work there. So, I hsouuldn't even consider it?


The US Senate is wanting your testimonies. Bankers is being investigated by the Federal government. Only people like you can put them out of business.


Thanks for your testimonial. I hope more people become aware of this Bankers Life and Casualty scam to not fall for it.

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